Road Warrior - emiliacouture commission
I was commissioned to make a Mad Max inspired doll and I must say it was a challenge. 80's punk isn't really up my alley, but I think I owned it in the end, even though I think it's more costume than fashion. Gosh it was fun though! :D

Nadja has been repainted with a Hisagi Shuuhei (character in Bleach manga by Kubo Tite) make up, given a mohair mohawk and some flocking, as well as nipples "bandaged" with white "tape".

She wears layers of black leatherette with tons of straps, buckles, metal eyelets and chains of different sizes. The outfit consists of a feather collar bodice, micro shorts, sort of a skirt, half a bolero with a biker zip sleeve and huge triple shoulder pads, garter belt, net stockings, arm lacing, leg brace with numerous straps and a knee pad, muzzle, goggles, a broken brick on a chain, and a pair of bulky boots.
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