Shadowlands Ashe - Inamorata OOAK
The Shadownlands Collection is based on science fiction stories by Dyan Bender.

The third character in the collection is Ashe. She is one of a species called Felashi, Shadowwalkers or Immortals since they have such long life spans. Much of what is called magic has come into the other species from interbreeding with Felashi. They are telepathic or empathic and have other talents as well. Their eyes turn full silver as they use these gifts.

During the centuries Ashe has roamed the world, she has lived many lives. She has been a captain of a space ship, protector of a royal family in a long gone capital, and a shadowwalker to guide the caravans through hostile deserts. Hard life has left her body and soul scarred. She blocks most of the memories, and people, out. Her companions are a pair of Helkin, Shadowcats, Polaris and Aurel.

Ashe's hair (hard cap wig made with saran and mohair) is midnight black, but glimmers with red highlights when sun touches it. A strand of hair has turned grey from and old scar running up from her right eyebrow. Her wears no make up, so her face up was more about giving emphasis to the sculpted aging, blushing more shape to the face, scars and few beauty marks. Her body was also was heavily resculpted to add massive scarring. The sculpted micro wrinkles concentrate on her hands and face, areas that would be bare to to arid environment of the desert planet.

Ashe wears a, armour patched together over time. Other characters assume it is Sanddragon skin, but parts of it are of a creature now extinct. I wet-sculpted ostrich and salmon leather to create this mythological armour. Since they are in a hot climate I took a gladiator approach to the side and left the back bare, covered in straps that display her gruesome scar from a star ship crash. A wound that would had killed a human. Ashe is a warrior and wears her weapons as other women wear jewellery. She has a Sanddragon fang sword, similar to Rahal's, only Ashe's has a decorative carving running down it's side. She also carries a pair of honour blades and an array of smaller knives hidden all over her person. I even hid two throwing daggers into her hair piece. She also carries a quarter staff with Sanddragon teeth embedded into it as a spiral, and ties her House colours onto this staff when approaching and Oasis deep in the desert.

The doll is a Andro bust Inamorata Valerie sculpt in Caramel skintone. S

This is a commissioned bespoken OOAK doll and not for sale.
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