FC Olt Scornicesti
SCORNICESTI, ROMANIA - The countryside town Scorniceşti is the birthplace of Romania's dictator Ceauşescu, who ruled the country till December 1989. It's a typical communistic town, you find anywhere in the country. But there is something special: on the outskirts of the small Romanian town you find a huge stadium.

during the communism FC Olt Scornicesti used to play in division A. But after the revolution in degraded. "When the revolution came," says trainer Marius Stan and old player. "The team went to the thirth division. Almost all the players left. Once we manged to get back into the second division, but we never played in the first again. It's sad to play here in this big stadium with only a few people watching," he says. "If you're thinking what level we used to play, it is very, very sad."
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