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A compilation of two Hawks competing for the same prey?
No I don't think we should keep Hawks indoors, Cats on the other hand..


If you have a Cat or Cats please keep them indoors. www.abcbirds.org/abcprograms/policy/cats/index.html

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  1. GinaShine. 44 months ago

    You don't think so :D me neither...
    Cool captures Mia!

  2. M'sheArt2 Photography 44 months ago

    :D nature rules... thank you my dear Gina babe! xxx

  3. M'sheArt2 Photography 44 months ago

    btw looks rather large to be a bird eh, yet another reason to keep our small pets indoors.

  4. Emma's fotographia 44 months ago

    Wow, they were really going at it :)
    How many individual photo do you have there?

  5. M'sheArt2 Photography 44 months ago

    Noted Emma :) thank you!

  6. Andy~B 44 months ago

    what a marvellous compilation of these super birds.
    very very well done, M~

  7. Kap'n'Kaos~Too 44 months ago

    Me Thinks You Have Captured An Adult Teaching Its Young How To Catch Prey ' On The Wing ' ~

  8. Kap'n'Kaos 44 months ago

    Me Thinks He Is Right !

  9. M'sheArt2 Photography 44 months ago

    thank you love, next time almost today (but they went by the pond) the 500mm. xoxoxoxox

    You maybe right Mike. Thanks!

  10. M'sheArt2 Photography 44 months ago

    he is eh :D thanks again!

  11. ihockey30 44 months ago

    Great shots : )

  12. imagepeace 44 months ago

    nature amazes ... and so does this compilation image.... :)

  13. The Big Jiggety 44 months ago

    Very grabbing image, beautiful flight choreography.

  14. elhawk 44 months ago

    Wow nicely done!

    And no absolutely not. All hawks need to fly free!


  15. jacoreflex 44 months ago

    Belle composition

  16. Bugalugsrox 44 months ago

    This has a rather eerie atmosphere, reminds me of "The Birds".

  17. flickrzak 43 months ago

    Beautiful art Mia, I agree with you. All birds should have the right to fly free (apart from yummy chickens of course) ;P

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