caffeine curve

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    Oh man. This cracks me up.

    I used to have this on a coffee cup until it cracked and went off to join the other Great Coffee Cups of Yore in the great Coffee Pot in the Sky.

    Right now, as of this posting, I'm at "Excellent Work Habits," which means it would be more meaningful if I was working and not doing Flickr.

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    1. brainwise 99 months ago | reply

      emdot, this is fantastic. I am only recently catching up with some of your work, and I am just DIGGING the charts and illustrations.

    2. emdot 99 months ago | reply

      brian -- yea -- stoked you are checking things out. however -- i didn't draw this one (i wish). this is by a really clever guy named tom edwards who used to make (still makes?) funny "wally" ceramicware. :)

    3. George the Greek 98 months ago | reply

      Good stuff M.
      Never saw the caffeine effect plotte before, tickled the funny bone.
      Now I need a cup of coffee.

    4. wordman1 93 months ago | reply

      I used to think that a caffeinated Tracey was a happy Tracey, now I know that she's been at "Triple Shotgun Murder" for the last week.

    5. Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps 91 months ago | reply

      Oh yeah! I like this string.. Greg Brown playing in the background "Java and me, JAVA,Java, Java, it likes me" This morning there was fresh snow in Utah, i took my bathrobe out to the patio and shot some froxen roses and I likes my coffee very "blonde"
      JavaJava apologies and credits as appropriate to Pkamm!

    6. meowhous the iconoclast 84 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Don't Talk To Me Before I've Had My Coffee (or Tea), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    7. pixability 82 months ago | reply

      great graph, and the comments in this thread are hilarious which I'm sure I'd appreciate even more if it wasn't 11:50 at night, well past the afterwork crash.

    8. gin girl jen 81 months ago | reply

      mmmmm coffee.....caffeine...... I'm having some now!

    9. @cdharrison 78 months ago | reply

      Jolt Cola FTW!

    10. REALJimBob 67 months ago | reply

      Hey, Kudos on the LifeHacker 'usage'...

    11. autopoiet 65 months ago | reply

      Nice graph! I published it here:

      Thank you!

    12. Patrick Hoesly 50 months ago | reply

      Funny, and true!

    13. Ray Bouknight 50 months ago | reply


      -- (?)

    14. Greg Balzer 50 months ago | reply

      Wow, emdot hits Lifebacker!

    15. RACINGMIX 50 months ago | reply

      Yes, coffee is great, yes espresso french press mornings are an intense way to begin a slow morning when you're forced to wake up. But the ups and met with the downs as the curve shows. Try tea, its smooooove. And another pro of an alternative to coffee --- 3 of my contacts have experienced, burning an ulcer in your stomach from overdosing on coffee is not a pleasant thing to have happen to you.

    16. myfear 50 months ago | reply

      Love it :)

    17. moireart 47 months ago | reply

      ohh yes! exactly.

    18. guywithabike 45 months ago | reply

      Craziest thing ever -- my coworker started passing this link around. I was like, holy cow, I know emdot! He had no idea that I used to work with you. So, small world, eh?

      (He said he saw it on )

    19. emdot 45 months ago | reply

      i love small worlds. :)

    20. danika nurkalista 42 months ago | reply

      I LIKE!!
      thank God I have my normalcy at the second cup..

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