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thank you 80s. thank you leg warmers

Tail end of my lunch time and I wrote an email to my favorite list-serv, which I haven't been participating much in since Flickr stormed into my life. However, I realized, after I sent my letter, that my camera was at hand and I could actually capture the glory of my trying to stay warm top fashion don't. Below... letter excerpt.




I'm currently working in an office that is so chilly that I have my jacket on and leg warmers on my arms.


My desk has one of those pull out shelves for the keyboard. The problem is that it is framed with a metal support system that chills my arms to the bone. Last week (week before?) I tried wrist bands -- not big enough. So I brough in an extra pair and wore two wrist bands on each arm. Still not big enough. Today I brought in wool leg warmers and they are totally doing the job. Thank you 80s. Thank you leg warmers.


Yesterday I took the train back from Irvine to SLO Town. It's usually a seven hour trip, but yesterday was slow going because they were constantly inspecting the tracks. Not a problem -- with all the train accidents, I don't mind a little slow down to prevent a train collision (especially since this train hit a car with two people in it just the week before -- nobody was injured-- miracle). Anyway, and however, and but and just wait til you hear this: there was a power outtage in SLO... maybe even before that. And all the train switches were out, so we had to stop at every switch so the conducter could call ahead and see if any other train was coming. If a train was coming we had to just sit there til the train reached and passed us. Sometimes this took 30 minutes or longer. AND another train had broken down, so we hitched it to ours and pulled it back to SLO.


It took two hours to go from Guadalupe (south SLO county) to San Luis Obispo. By the time we pulled into the trainstation (12! hours! later! -- I'm not exaggerating), everybody was itching to get off. BUT, another train was ahead of us and we had to wait for it to unboard or deboard oer explode or whatever they had to do with it. So so so painful. Almost two in the morning, only five minutes walking distance from my house, but having to stay on the train so we could pull up to the station (another 15 minutes).


And that is my train story. Power restored to most of SLO County by this morning.

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Taken on January 3, 2006