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thank you 80s. thank you leg warmers

Tail end of my lunch time and I wrote an email to my favorite list-serv, which I haven't been participating much in since Flickr stormed into my life. However, I realized, after I sent my letter, that my camera was at hand and I could actually capture the glory of my trying to stay warm top fashion don't. Below... letter excerpt.




I'm currently working in an office that is so chilly that I have my jacket on and leg warmers on my arms.


My desk has one of those pull out shelves for the keyboard. The problem is that it is framed with a metal support system that chills my arms to the bone. Last week (week before?) I tried wrist bands -- not big enough. So I brough in an extra pair and wore two wrist bands on each arm. Still not big enough. Today I brought in wool leg warmers and they are totally doing the job. Thank you 80s. Thank you leg warmers.


Yesterday I took the train back from Irvine to SLO Town. It's usually a seven hour trip, but yesterday was slow going because they were constantly inspecting the tracks. Not a problem -- with all the train accidents, I don't mind a little slow down to prevent a train collision (especially since this train hit a car with two people in it just the week before -- nobody was injured-- miracle). Anyway, and however, and but and just wait til you hear this: there was a power outtage in SLO... maybe even before that. And all the train switches were out, so we had to stop at every switch so the conducter could call ahead and see if any other train was coming. If a train was coming we had to just sit there til the train reached and passed us. Sometimes this took 30 minutes or longer. AND another train had broken down, so we hitched it to ours and pulled it back to SLO.


It took two hours to go from Guadalupe (south SLO county) to San Luis Obispo. By the time we pulled into the trainstation (12! hours! later! -- I'm not exaggerating), everybody was itching to get off. BUT, another train was ahead of us and we had to wait for it to unboard or deboard oer explode or whatever they had to do with it. So so so painful. Almost two in the morning, only five minutes walking distance from my house, but having to stay on the train so we could pull up to the station (another 15 minutes).


And that is my train story. Power restored to most of SLO County by this morning.

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  • emdot PRO 10y

    s2 -- the irony is that i did have my camera. but i was in a kind of pissy mood. for me, photo taking and pissy mood do not feed each other. unfortunately.

    syl -- lucky for all that no one had weapons. actually, both the passengers and crew seemed really easy going about it. thank god! or wait... were you commenting on my fashion (non)sense?

    linda and no-no, i remember going to see FlashDance for the first time. It was 1983. i was 16 and dating robby policare. we were at the baywood festival and i convinced him to take me to the movies and i fell in love with that damn movie. i bet i saw it four more times in the theater.

    i wish you all were sitting at a long table so i could do my audition dance for you right now.

    lynnie and jfett -- !!! what if you guys were sitting right next to each other at the airport? in line at the airport starbucks? crossing paths at the magazine counter, lynnie picking up her InStyle magazine, jfett getting Harley Weekly (ha) or whatever bikers read. (What do bikers read?).

    Ken, I coulda gone for that cab. ;)

    Tom, I almost missed the train yesterday and I can't tell you how many times I was wishing I had. I could have spent more time with the fam... that would have been perfect.

    Beige. And burnt orange. I'm wondering why these ever went out of style (tho know for a fact they are coming back.) George, can you put a vote in for flickr leg warmrs? (i like your new icon).

    tigs -- staysh is going to style me out with some fancy home-knitted fingerless glovey-armwarmers. and then we'll be talking perfect fashion sense. right stacia?

    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Is that anything like Corporal Tunnel Syndrome? Does this involve burlesque dancing?

    I have this theory, Madi, that keeping the wrist warm helps to minimize thread of CT.

    AND on that note, here is something I learned from my boss: switch out your mouse every other year or so to prevent CT. Or, if your hand/arm/shoulder/back/neck hurt before then, try getting another mouse ASAP. Sometimes just changing the shape, size, positioning of the mouse is all it takes.

    Longest comment reply ever?
  • Linus Gelber PRO 10y

    As luck would have it, just the other day Miss Saturn was wearing leg warmers on her arms when I did a quick interview with her. So, yes, and if that's not synergy, I don't know what is.

    There's no known cure. For Corporal Tunnel Syndrome, at least.

    I was once on a train in India that was 8 hours late before it left the station. You think I'm kidding.
  • Shepherd PRO 10y

    very Bob Cratchit-y looking, fits the season.
  • pat coughlin PRO 10y

    Pulsvanter, they are known as wrist warmers/fingerless gloves in Norwegian. I just got a most lovely beaded pair for Christmas from E (her confection) this year. This place ( makes them - in a silk/wool blend - that is indecently soft and unscratchy albeit pretty expensive. Your creativity should be applauded...
  • James Spinks PRO 10y

    When do we get to see the photo of you wearing them correctly? (ie on your legs).
  • emdot PRO 10y

    ct, i've seen a few people wear them on their arms (that's how i thought of it), but they actually looked cool and hip. me? not so much. but i did look warm. ;) AND... that is a brutal train delay tidbit.

    shepherd, you comment like the dickens.

    -pat, thank you for the off-flickr link to these babies. they look very cool. i mean warm.

    james, if i can find an old high school photo featuring such leg accessories, i will scan and load it on up.
  • HyperBob 10y

    Feeling the chill in California... how is this possible???

    Come on fess up it is just an excuse to wear leg warmers on your arms, and no need to explain the wollen mittens on your feet, or the muffler of toilet roll around your neck, or the padded ice hockey pants. Never let good taste stand in the way of style.

    Small point... you are missing the black magic marker on the thumb. That is so gothic, and more frightening than hitting a bag of toads with a hammer.
  • emdot PRO 10y

    bob! it was chilly -- really. my building doesn't have heating (or AC) and it was colder inside than out (poor insulation?). i asked my coworker how cold he thought it was... 65? 62? he said much colder than that. we are all bundled up -- he has three layers on.

    that said, i walked outside today and it was properly warm. :)
  • Marilin Gonzalo 10y

    I also thought it was some "carpal tunnel syndrome" brace (thanks for the word Madirakshi) but now it's nice to see you're ok...
    And I really think those warmers look trendy!
  • Laura Crowhurst 10y

    I agree with marilink and think that the warmers look trendy. And if I had seen you wearing them I would have complimented you on them,...
    Thanks for your comments on my photostream :)
  • di- 10y

    last year, heading to slo on a rainy evening, our train hit a car who accidently turned onto the tracks thinking it was a road...not a very pleasant experience considering the person did not make was scary...our conductor, said a prayer over the loud speaker for the order to keep moral at peace while passangers waited 5 hrs,our cafe server offered free drinks on the house....i have to say that nite i will never forget.though someone past on, people relized the fragility of life...opened up & commenced to get to know there fellow traveler setting next to them...i made several friends from all walks of life & different parts of the country on that nite. our trip ened up w/amtrak putting us up at a nearby hotel till the next day...

    p.s. leg warmers/arm warmers are in!!
  • Linda's Many Muses PRO 10y

    It's OK, Em. I gave Charlie a pair of "wrist warmers" for Christmas. You are not alone.

    Charlie (Carolynn Eva) came to town
  • Karl-Johan Karlsson 10y

    Now I have to tell my train story.

    In the middle of August 2004 I was travelling from back to Sweden (from a trip to Mexico City). After some problem with a delayed aeroplane from Mexico City to London I managed to catch the plane to Stockholm. I arrived at Arlanda (the airport in Stockholm) in time to cache the train to Linköping. I myself was quite tired after the trip. As always after a flight above the Atlantic Ocean I had a bit of jetlag.

    The train left Arlanda airport without any problem. After about an hour there was a loud bang and I thought that the train was going of the rails. After a few seconds the train stopped. The train conductor opened a window and sniffed with his nose outside. I didn’t understand what he was doing. Then he informed us that the train had hit a moose. He could smell that it was a moose. Unfortunately the train was partly broken from the impact and after about an hour it was decided that it was impossible to repair the damage (where the train was standing, which was in the middle of nowhere in the forest). After another hour the train company have fixed busses that were going to transfer the people on the train to our destinations. We had to walk along the track for a couple of hundred meters before we reached the road where the busses were standing. Eventually I reached home.
  • emdot PRO 10y

    di -- terrible. sad. :( what is it with american trains and hitting people?

    not that moose (in swedish, elg) are better. still sad. but ohmigod, ka-ka, that is one helluva trip.

    scrapy, marilink -- if i were cool i'd do it like bean:

    now those are cool. ;)

    linda -- you met charlie? now that is cool. and those armwarmers (wrist warmers? nomenclature help, anyone?) are very cool as well. :)
  • KnowWonNose 10y

    I'm no expert but that's not your leg.
  • HyperBob 10y

    Gets out the calculator 65+40=105 ... thinks divide by 9 gives you 11.6 apporx... multiple by 5 brings it up to 58 take away 40 and that leaves you with 18C... Good God that is the crest of a heatwave here in Finland:-)

    Looks out the window and checks the thermometer -10C ...hmmmm that would be

    -10+40= 30x9/5= 54-40 =14F

    *rushes to put on his leg warmers.

    (no seriously Finnish houses are built to withstand the cold and ever though it is -10C outside, I am quite happily writing this in my jim-jams)
  • emdot PRO 10y

    but but but... bob... it was much colder than that. i guessed in the 60s and co-worker said colder than that. and he's from england, so he knows from cold.

    now, i realize the english may not have the corner of the market on cold, especially when faced with expert fin (but aren't you english transplant fin?), but still... much much much MUCH colder. like four degrees -- maybe even six degrees colder. :)

    i swear.

    nose... i don't know what you are talking about!

    /whistles distractedly.
  • HyperBob 10y

    In Europe we measure temperatures on a sensible scale from 0 to 100... that is in degrees centigrade.

    -10 C = the monkey regards the two small round objects in his hand
    0 C = hellish cold
    100 C = damn hot.

    Whereas you seem to deal in degrees F********* which runs from 32 F = 0 C to 212 F = 100 C

    Same temperatures but different values.

    In the previous post I used a formula to make the coversion from F******** to centigrade to get an inkling if wearing leg warmers on your wrists was justified, and came to the conclusion that the concept of coldness differs from country to country, and it all cases is subordinate to the dictates of fashion.

    Java temperature conversion programme
  • Jennifer Lamb PRO 10y

    I love your inventive use of legwarmers. I don't remember them in patterns in the '80s--I remember plain ones.
  • Nels Highberg 5y

    Thanks for giving this a Creative Commons license! I used it here:
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