• Of course, here in Canada, 30 in kilometres an hour is about 18 miles an hour, yawn. - bosquetango
  • in america, 30 mph is about 42 mph - elston

mixed messages

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30. No, 80. No, 30.

  1. dcJohn ages ago | reply

    now that's classic DIY legal reform

  2. emdot ages ago | reply

    People tend to be in a hurry around here.

  3. 27ray ages ago | reply

    I think this sign is missing a "1"...

  4. Metalium2 ages ago | reply

    Wonder why the cops never buy it...

  5. bosquetango ages ago | reply

    Things would be much clearer if they had just used a Sharpie!

  6. Emporer Rhubarb [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Double roundabout ahead!

  7. MattL ages ago | reply

    80mph in slotown seems wrong.

  8. bodhi47 ages ago | reply

    I can't drive...55!!!!!!

  9. Eliot ages ago | reply

    My speedometer has been wiggling lately, so it bounces about +/- 5 to 10 mph around my actual speed. So, if I'm going 50mph, it will bounce between 40 and 60 constantly. I'm getting pretty good at taking the average and hoping that is my speed.

    Now, the average between 30 and 80... I'd have to get my calculator out for that one. Glad bodhi47 already did it for me. :)

  10. emdot ages ago | reply

    this is one of the few times in my life where i wish the speed limit was lower. i used to live on this street and crossing it (to get to my favorite deli-beer garden) was dangerous indeed. :)

  11. ob1left ages ago | reply

    but officer, the sign said 80!?!?!?

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