• i told him to puff out his cheeks. :)
  • mock shock!
  • one plate. omelette with mushrooms and toast and fruit.
  • under here, the smallest burger they serve.
  • this is an omlette?! - calvo
  • did you miss that all important word "with"? :)
  • Did momdot ever tell you to "clean your plate" when you were little? If so, now's the time to return the favor. - bosquetango
  • I think I added my note before you were done with yours! - calvo
  • Look at the shoulders on him... guess he is a regular patron. - HyperBob
  • just a tiny bit bigger than a steffe lunch! - Steffe
  • Kiss - zephyr1
  • Kiss kiss kiss smootch smootch kiss kiss - zephyr1

the portions at margie's diner

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Yesterday we couldn't decide where to eat and there seemed to be long waits everywhere (even though it was 2:30 or so -- a bit late for lunch). After trying two other restaurants we decided on Margie's Diner, where none of us had eaten for a few years.

Margie's is known for LARGE portions. That's large portions on the American scale. You could easily feed three people from **one** order at Margie's and I'm not exaggerating.

Super surprisingly, who did we see when we walked in but Richard and Bailey -- good friends known for eating *very* healthy. "What in the heck are you guys doing here???" I wanted to ask -- but hello, I was there, too. :)

When Richard and Bailey's omelettes were delivered (by frieght) they were excellent sports and let me take a photo. And Richard puffed out his cheeks (per my command).

Mom was a good sport, too (btw, she ordered the very smallest burger, which you can't see as it is buried in fries).

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  1. REALJimBob 112 months ago | reply

    what an expression - love it. do they have to reinforce the table legs there?

  2. Sylvia...Sometimes 112 months ago | reply

    Too funny, em. And a well made point. I'm always amazed when I see people clean that plate...two jillion cals!

  3. Big Al Davies [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

    I'm on my way!

  4. emdot 112 months ago | reply

    Al, I would totally take you here if you were to visit. If you wanted to, I mean. :)

  5. Victor Solanoy 112 months ago | reply

    Hilarious reactions! I love Margie's onion rings.... but take a team of friends...

  6. auntnanny 112 months ago | reply

    i love momdot's expression! priceless!

  7. jaymce 112 months ago | reply

    viva momdot!!

  8. mscaprikell 112 months ago | reply

    Yeah... I can't do Margie's ... it's just TOO much! What with being raised with the phrase "Finish everything on your plate; there are children starving in 3rd world countries" looming over my head... I feel like "glutony" is being served instead of meals. (No, I don't do left-overs very well) :(

    Fun place... good food...

  9. Esther17 112 months ago | reply

    Momdot's expression just totally made my day. Richard also looks like he was ready to conquer the world with a knife and fork. LOL

  10. sara vilbergs 112 months ago | reply

    ahaha ! Momdot is exellent actress ! and so is your friend too.
    I was first time in USA this year, and that was what I experimented almost every day, HUGE plates of food ! I sometimes lost my appetite :)
    look at this breakfast for exemple :
    Breakfast in Denver !!!
    !!!! - french-fried of all things !

  11. zephyr1 112 months ago | reply

    Holy CRAP I miss these faces! How do you think a vegan would fare there? I have an appetite surpassed by none but...

  12. jovike 112 months ago | reply

    Is that with all the trimmings and fixings? :)

  13. Big Al Davies [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

    Do you get free dessert if you eat everything?

  14. emdot 112 months ago | reply

    al, you are a sick, sick, sick man. and i like how you think. ;)

    jovike -- with double trimmings and fixings.

    zephyr, i believe the vegans are served up well done, covered in fries with side garnish of a half a watermelon.

    actually i think the sign on the front says "so shirt, no shoes, no vegans."

    that said, i'll sneak you in.

  15. Big Al Davies [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

    I'd never finish those portions really, I just get big from...alcohol.

  16. torbakhopper 111 months ago | reply

    hahahahaha. i love your split sequence shots. this one is obscene!!!!

  17. racingsquirrel 111 months ago | reply

    wow, this is classic.
    you should post the address.

  18. bosquetango 111 months ago | reply

    Margie's has a web presence:


    Margie, I'm comin' home!!

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