typewriter of capricorn

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    Typewriter in the Henry Miller Library.

    Did Miller use it? I dunno. But it was cool looking. ;)

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    1. bodhi47 84 months ago | reply

      looks like the keys are on fire in the thumbnail...
      cool shot.

    2. It'sGreg 84 months ago | reply

      I love that typewriter, but I really really love the title. I want to rub my cheek up against the title. Typewriter of Capricorn. I declare.

    3. Mark ~ JerseyStyle Photography 84 months ago | reply

      Being a journalist at hear, I have a thing for old typewriters. Want to start collecting them...like my old cameras...they have just industrial individuality and character. Plus, you just feel better putting your smoke and scotch down next to an old Underwood than your computer keyboard.

      Great capture.

    4. panta rhei. 84 months ago | reply

      perfect in every respect.

    5. emdot 84 months ago | reply

      I love that several of you saw flames in the thumbnail! So cool. :)

      I took several photos of the typewriter; more may show up. I also took photos of books and watercolors and a funny photograph of miller with a nakkid lady's behind that incited a letter of offense. Both of which are framed and on the wall.

      Thanks for the comments, all. Like Mark said, I think there is something special about old cameras and old typewriters.

      (and special thanks to Greg who inadvertently gave my photo entry into Entitled.)

    6. Esther17 84 months ago | reply

      me likey. that is all.

    7. O Caritas 84 months ago | reply

      "Marilyn Monroe didn't marry Henry Miller."
      — Dan Bern (Marilyn)

    8. personne.de.chandigarh 84 months ago | reply

      love this picture. seen in Utata pool.

    9. Escargot 84 months ago | reply

      I love writer, and I love the typewriter! I actually learned to type on something very similar to that. The theory was that if you can type on that, you can type on anything. Damn keys would always jam up, though.

    10. emdot 84 months ago | reply

      i love escargot and i love the escargot. :)

      thank ye esther, patrick and chandigarh_guy. :)

    11. R.bean 84 months ago | reply

      en fuego yes...he burns on. oooh! making me miss my typewriters (yes, two...one in french- my fingers used to be bilingual but ....) emszes!
      ....and big sur shots making me especially cali-longing.

    12. Rick Takagi 82 months ago | reply

      I love this shot. These old keyboards are so cool to look at now.

    13. electrick_dreamz 76 months ago | reply

      Wow ... I remember this time when I learnt on one of these ... it was fun ... i loved it ... what a fantastic shot! how shift-key has changed with time ... thanks for sharing ... is it okay if I share it with others as a loving gesture? ... regards sharon

    14. emdot 76 months ago | reply

      hi electrick_dreamz -- thanks for sharing that. i think you are right about the shift key. and share away! :)

    15. Michaelavk 75 months ago | reply

      Hi Marya, I wanted to let you know I've used this photo to help kick off my new writerly web site/blog. I think the "shift key" is in line with how I'm feeling these days. I've included credit and a link to this page. Stop by at michaelvankerckhove.wordpress.com/.


    16. emdot 75 months ago | reply

      hi michael -- that shift key is something else, isn't it? :) glad you used it and yea for your new blog. i subscribed to it via google reader. :)

    17. Michaelavk 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks! Very cool. :-)

    18. mick_morrison 41 months ago | reply

      Hi Marya,

      I have used this in a blog post - mickmorrison.com/?p=489. It's a small non-commercial research blog. The image is quite nice and fits the theme of my post.

      I hope this is ok?


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