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dewy? indeed he do.

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Relics from a bygone time.

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  1. Monika Kostera (urbanlegend) 105 months ago | reply

    The last time I used one of those was 10 years ago... It was a great library: dark, old, smelling of old stuff. Gone now.

  2. wit 105 months ago | reply

    Ah well 574 to 599 now thats the fun place to be (or somewhere round the 820's)

  3. Elizabeth Taylor 105 months ago | reply

    hey, ever heard of this place?

    it rocks.

  4. mike1727 105 months ago | reply

    My favourite library memory is the sound of the stamps used to stamp the return date into books- an iconic thunk which I can mentally reconstruct now from rainy afternoons decades ago..

    Thanks for the memory tweak M.

  5. calvo 105 months ago | reply

    mike: yes! definitely remember that sound.

  6. chadmiller 105 months ago | reply

    Look at all that information, just waiting to be mined!

    If I ever give up programming and go back to school, it will be to get a masters degree in library science. Computer science and library science are remarkably related, in that they both focus on studying ways of arranging, storing, and retreiving information. The difference is that comp-sci studies a few of the harder maths, and lib-sci studies a few of the practicalities of media.

    I even (used to) arrange my bookmarks according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

    I wonder if there's a support group for library groupies who liked low-tech libraries.

  7. bosquetango 105 months ago | reply

    I've had a love affair with libraries for as long as I can remember. Our local one has gone high tech with it's catalogue now online.
    They have a decidedly low tech solution to fix an errant computer stand at their check out desk!

  8. It'sGreg 105 months ago | reply

    God, I love card catalog files. There was such simple pleasure in the sound and feel of sliding open those drawers.

    Thanks, mar, for reminding me of that.

  9. smiling_da_vinci 105 months ago | reply

    How old-fashioned. lol.

  10. angelocesare 105 months ago | reply

    Like an old story.

  11. Ollie girl 105 months ago | reply

    I like this a lot. Good job!

  12. auntnanny 105 months ago | reply

    do they still teach the system in school i wonder?

  13. B.E.C.K. 105 months ago | reply

    I used to be a librarian (1990-1995), and I had to type up those little cards (and cross-reference cards) whenever we'd get new books. Always loved the card catalog -- the way the drawers opened so smoothly, the blond color, and (of course) all the information contained therein. Wouldn't mind having one of those old cases now.

  14. Saffanna 105 months ago | reply

    Just think of all the wonderful things those little drawers could be used for....

  15. johnyo 105 months ago | reply

    How come Dewy got all the credit? What about Heuy and Leuy?

  16. emdot 105 months ago | reply

    Okay all, I inquired whether or not these puppies would be up for public consumption. There was hesitancy in the answer, which insinuates a maybe, but it seemed tinged with "well, everyone wants these" as well.

    Thanks for the comments (and memories and info).

    Johnyo -- Don't you mean Huey Dewy and the News? They're all washed up. ;)

  17. NoNo Joe 105 months ago | reply

    This was the paper-internet. I worked at a couple of libraries in the University of Texas at Austin. Let's just say when I go to bookstores, I tend to put the books back in order.

  18. Mr. Greenjeans 104 months ago | reply

    How many disease ridden fingers do you suppose slipped through those shiny holes?!!!!

  19. emdot 104 months ago | reply

    nono, you must have that syndrome, NoCD?

    ugh, jeans, don't make me think about it. i haven't been sick in two years. two or three weeks into this job and i got a cold pronto. i've been washing my hands a LOT more.

    note to all: i am not a librarian, despite what this series may lead you to believe. ;)

  20. littleblackcube 97 months ago | reply

    Love the title!

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