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relative calm holds sway | by emdot
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relative calm holds sway

First of all, before I get into my one-woman show aka ranting diabtribe, lemme just point out that that is the famous slogrl on the left and the stalwart yardsale on the right.


So we went to Kitty's Kitchen in Morro Bay for a fun, lacksidaisical Sunday morning breakfast. We bought the NY Times and the Tribune. The restaurant had the Trib, too, except they had a different version. Same paper, same day, different front page.


For 24 years SLO had the largest Mardi Gras west of the Mississippi and it was fun. A bunch of different krewes worked and partied for months -- making masks, headpeices, costumes -- and put on fun King Cake parties and a great parade.


But over the years a few alcoholic, disrespectful 22 year-old guys and several hundreds of their best friends from Chico, Davis, UCSB and many, many junior colleges decided that it was the perfect time to riot for beer and their basic right to party and harrass low-self-esteemed girls to flash their boobs.


The city and the police department weren't really hip on this trend. So, (long story short and details left out about last year's "riot") the city and the police department decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. Even though the obnoxious beer swillers and the parade were not linked (the parade was in the middle of the day on a sunday). Even though most of the people involved with mardi gras were middle-aged folk expressing their creative, fun loving side and who never demanded to see said boobage. Even though the city made thousands of dollars from the tourist cash machines. Mardi Gras the big bad terrible Mardi Gras must be stopped!!


Last year the city spent $500K on fighting the rioters. So, in order to save the city money they upped it by a hundred and spent $600K on a campaign to keep the revelers in a sober, somber mood that was too discouraged to trade 25-cent beads for two-bit breasts.


And what has gotten me so upset is the way our media has just taken this line without thinking twice. It is the most biased media you have ever heard. The "local news station" [can you hear my eyes rolling] says the words "mardi gras" with the same tone they say "diamond adult world is only five miles away from the kindergarten*." And the paper, obviously, took the time to burn a whole new plate for the press last night because somebody thew a vase. A VASE PEOPLE! STOP THE PRESSES! MARDI GRAS IS BAAAAAAAAD.


Meanwhile, breakfast was fun.


*not that i'm a big fan of d.a.w.

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Taken on February 6, 2005