roll call

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  1. It'sGreg 115 months ago | reply

    It's really quite an attractive design, isn't it. That's true for both the roll holder and the photograph. And the photographer too, for that matter.

  2. helveticaneue 115 months ago | reply

    slick, witty image em... I'm with fotogail on the brow, this roll's got something to say.

    Also happy birthday fellow Virgo!!! Flickrhug!

  3. Douglas Roesch 115 months ago | reply

    Yep, an owl's eye. Roll on!

  4. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    thanks jen.

    of course bodhi would have the secret answer. ;)

    thanks greg. but truly, it IS a cool design. i love it when someone takes the time to put in the cool little touches into their environment, like choose a cool tp holder or a unique doorknob, etc. :)

    i love that eye thing, deroesch. i should rename the photo. :)

    'neue -- thank you. :) when is yours? i remember you were virgo, too. so is b.e.c.k.

  5. helveticaneue 115 months ago | reply

    Mine is the 12th.... Enjoy your day, lady! :)

  6. milewalker 115 months ago | reply

    number 5......alive!

  7. O Caritas 115 months ago | reply

    You know... for kicks, you could have titled this "Roll Call No. 2"!

  8. jstangroom 115 months ago | reply

    I'd like to see a pic of Emdot scruching down to take this pic.
    Good one, Em...

  9. jstangroom 115 months ago | reply


  10. chaim zvi 115 months ago | reply

    Only you can take a picture of toilet paper and have it viewed 124 times (and counting).

    Hmmmm. I think I'll change my screen name to "emdot." (note the period at the end -- and how hard it is to see) :-)

  11. bodhi47 115 months ago | reply

    I'm much to pragmatic, so I guess I'll have to work harder.

  12. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    'neue, i say we celebrate all month. ;)

    monika, maybe even a roll reversal.

    milewalker... number 5?

    o caritas. no no no no no no no no.

    jonathan, i can scrunch. :) but, please, no scrunchies.

    chaim, perhaps everyone can just relate to the almighty tp.

    bodhi, form follows function. :)

  13. milewalker 115 months ago | reply

    once again I'm reaching, but my first thought was of the robot in the movie "short circuit" ....number 5.


  14. helveticaneue 115 months ago | reply

    I totally ran out of toilet paper yesterday. How many times did I visit *this roll* yesterday and yet.....?!?!

    Celebrations will have to wait until I am better equipped.

  15. R.bean 115 months ago | reply

    square circled?
    hmm, well you know how pictures of food can make you hungry..

  16. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    now see, 'walker, if i'd seen that movie i would have gotten it. that said, i'm slightly nutso for the number five.

    'nueue, you and i both disprove the virgo stereotype. for that i salute you.

    bean, ask/receive
    for rbean

  17. G r e n 115 months ago | reply

    em, 2 folks favorited your tp
    what do you have to say about THAT?

  18. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    i can spare a square, gren. :)

  19. Monika Kostera (urbanlegend) 115 months ago | reply

    Okay, now lets roll-play!

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