• when all else fails, doodle.
  • Weird-I do these spiders too! - Big Al Davies
  • I doodle boxes - edwardjackman
  • I wish we could draw lines in here - edwardjackman
  • Pilot .5mm alcohol-based ink rollerball. Nice choice of ink delivery apparatus, further evidence of left-handedness, for you see, we lefthanders must push rather than pull; this can be problematic with oil-based ink ballpoints. - Vision Aerie
  • i doodle boxes, too. and swirlies. and faces. and animals.
  • Except, VA, that this handwriting was not done by a left-hander. - O Caritas
  • pilot v5 is my favorite. red or black. i like blue, too. actually, i'm a bit of an ink-and-paper freak.
  • damn you!! :)
  • I mostly doodle ribbons. - O Caritas
  • I knew you would eventually slip, mon amie! - O Caritas
  • I was analyzing the horizonatal strokes, and true, they appear to be pulled. Hmm. I sense sinister trickery. - Vision Aerie
  • Not only are the horizontal strokes pulled, but the vertical strokes are virtually straight up and down — I have never in almost fifty years seen a left-hander whose handwriting didn't lean seriously to the right (directionally speaking, that is!). - O Caritas
  • This is a flickrdoodle - BenODen
  • My left-handed script is rather quite vertical and not very consistant, nor visually pleasing. - Vision Aerie
  • ::::Insert Matthew McConaughey Winking here::::

    Sure he's a freak, but a HOT one! - TheSteffers
  • I can't use v5, have to use the nice, thick v7. Always in black. Have a stack of them next to my nightstand. - bryan campen

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I know we all have the things we struggle with. But mine drives me frigging batty.

I have a hard time starting. You have no idea how long I can stare at a blank screen. Or say, I'll just check Flickr really quick (infamous self lie).

I have GOT to get this done.

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  1. Brunocerous ages ago | reply

    i never put off procrastinating. you never know when you'll get another chance.

  2. Lorrie McClanahan ages ago | reply

    So glad to see I wasn't crazy thinking, 'this person isn't writing left-handed.' I've commented on your southpaw-edness (interestingness, southpaw-edness...flickr is destroying my grammar!) before but now I'm thinking you must be ambidextrous, because that's you, right? At any rate you have gorgeous handwriting and a charming way with spider doodles, it appears.

    As for procrastination, don't tell anyone but I'm supposed to be working on my taxes which of course I put off by filing an extension back in April. Just thought I'd check Flickr really quick...

  3. JiandaMonique ages ago | reply

    Yes, very nice *and* colorful penwomanship.

  4. emdot ages ago | reply

    Everyone thanks for the words of support (especially to my wonderful sister Rabooka whose birthday it is tomorrow).

    I got half of it done. Which is half better than none at all. :)

  5. marilink ages ago | reply

    I know what you mean! it has even a name "the blank piece of paper syndrom" or something like that...
    but I think that stage is really necessary... it´s just a step before all your ideas begin to flow, in a mess, they are just forming... give them time. At least that is how it happens with me. That first stage is dread but it's so good, your mind is taking a time to concentrate!
    Good luck!

    (the "I'll just check Flickr really quick" is the biggest self lie in the world, and it keeps working. No solution for that)

  6. Happy Dave ages ago | reply

    You should post this in The Written Word group, which by the way people, is a cracking idea, but is suffering a lack of members cos Rob, the admin, is too polite to spam his contacts.

  7. D LeRoy [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing your problem with us. Of course no other writer has that problem. I simply sit at the comuter and begin...by checking flickr. Arghhhh indeed. My wife has already threatened me with alienation of affection. I told her I'd start a new flickr group by that name!! She walked away. I'm taking that as assent.
    Actually, God has gifted me with a creative mind and active imagination...it's gittin' my ass into gear that seems to be the problem. You know, I could start anytime I felt like it...
    Your stream is always interesting and your ideas flow freely to us very often, my friend. It looks like good weather in your part of the world.


  8. Eneko Alonso ages ago | reply

    Wow... even the flickr note boxes look "nice" in the picture.. XD

  9. Eneko Alonso ages ago | reply

    Uhm.. a quetion to everyone....

    Where can I find Pilots in California, SLO área?

    I also love them, and I have the ones I brought from Spain. But I have never seen one here, in these 8 months...

  10. jstangroom ages ago | reply

    I like the spider...

  11. GustavoG ages ago | reply

    "It was a dark and stormy night..."

  12. foutugraphe ages ago | reply

    Don't we all know what you mean?

  13. emdot ages ago | reply

    'Graphe, I'm thinking yes, yes you do. And that makes me feel much better. Because when you are sitting all along trying to write... god... it can feel like you are the only one.

    That's the great thing about Flickr. Instant procrastination community. :)

    Thanks all. ;)

  14. music2work2 90 months ago | reply

    Hi - this is Andrew from music2work2 - I was hunting the creative commons for an image to accompany a piece of music on procrastination and thought this was perfect. I am using it here:


    with an alt / title attribution and a link back to here.

    Thank you for making it available,

    Best wishes


  15. emdot 90 months ago | reply

    very cool! thanks for letting me know, andrew. :)

  16. aaron_language 78 months ago | reply

    Dynamite shot of struggle and the writing process! We wanted to let you know that we have downloaded your photo and are considering using it for a short movie on being a better writer. If we use it, we will naturally provide a credit and let you know then. Our website is at www.aaroncoaches.com/. Thanks for making your photo available with a Creative Commons license.

  17. emdot 78 months ago | reply

    aaron -- thanks for letting me know. sounds like a great project. :)

    but even bigger thanks for bringing my attention back to this photo.

    I just spent 10 minutes giggling about the notes inside the photo (patrick figuring out i'm right-handed after months and months) and then the great convo in the comments.

    i still love my flickr friends! you guys made flickr so great for me.

    x to the motherflipping o!

  18. writeshop4u 56 months ago | reply

    Thank you for making your photo available via Creative Commons. I used it here:

  19. DJ Cockburn 25 months ago | reply

    Many thanks for posting this under creative commons. I've used it on my blog at cockburndj.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/the-first-100-words/, attributing you and linking to this page.

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