deck the halls at the sunset drive in

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    I keep forgetting that most places don't have drive-ins anymore. We do and it still shows movies every week, though I think it's more popular as the weekly swap meet locale.

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    1. Esther17 100 months ago | reply

      ok, i admit it. when i saw the thumbnail, i read that as "Deck the Balls," and thought "what is that? Christmas porn?"

      i think i ate way too much batter from my banana bread mix tonight.

    2. Brett A. Fernau 100 months ago | reply

      Box office opens at 0? When is that?

    3. zen 100 months ago | reply

      lurvly angle on this!

    4. jwill9311 100 months ago | reply

      we havea summer on;ly one here. not much market for drive-ins at 18 degrees.

    5. Linda B (Wine Diva) 100 months ago | reply

      fa la la la la la la la Entitled!

    6. Somebody's Mom 100 months ago | reply

      I freakin' love this place. When I was little, they served hot cocoa in cans. They would pull it out of hot water with big tongs and wipe it off with a towel before giving it to you. I would hold it through the whole movie to keep my hands warm, and it would steam up the windows. My parents love the memory of their four little girls lined up in the station wagon with cans of steamy cocoa. Now I take my son there. But we bring our own food because I'm a hippie freak and they don't have that cocoa anymore.

    7. JKönig 100 months ago | reply

      all those liiiiiiiiines! gorgeous shot. gotta get all favy with it.

    8. myla kent 100 months ago | reply

      Love this. this would be so great for the Marquee Group ;)

    9. squarepants2004j/auntyhuia 100 months ago | reply

      way cool! Love it...its what Christmas looks like down under (southern hemisphere) sky, sunny, warm.
      There were so many good photos in the advent calendar thread today, it was hard to pick just one. This one was one of my favs for today.

    10. chezamy 100 months ago | reply

      i like that the box office opens at "0"

    11. falling.bullets 100 months ago | reply

      Last time I was there, there were only two cars: Mine and someone else's. Granted, it was some boring football movie, but I wish drive-ins were still popular.

      I went during that last huge thunderstorm we had and it was, to understate it, incredible. Too bad I didn't have my camera and a tripod...

    12. Elinesca 100 months ago | reply

      Emdot - congratulations - you're the winner of the December 8th entry in the Christmas Advent Calendar 2006 group. Please add your photo to the pool:-)

    13. emdot 100 months ago | reply

      yea!!! thanks eli. :) i tried to put it in the group earlier, but there was some weird flickr error that kept happening. :)

      .bullets -- that sounds awesome. i think you should never leave without your camera. ever. that's an order. :)

    14. Elinesca 100 months ago | reply

      It was me forgetting to open the pool before I ran to the gym:-) Sorry about that!

    15. tollen 100 months ago | reply

      Lovely contribution to our calendar, congratulations!

    16. TheSteffers 100 months ago | reply

      Our marquee says Deck The Balls. That damn West Village and their antics...

    17. auntnanny 100 months ago | reply

      the lines and the color pop! such a great pic, em!

    18. ArtistMelissa 100 months ago | reply

      oh fabulous sign.

    19. SweetHappyPie 79 months ago | reply

      definitely the best swap meet and darn good nachos!

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