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Fail Whale

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Lunch time embroidery doodlings.

I hate when Twitter goes down, but I gotta admit that I have a crush on the Fail Whale.

AND, I think that I was the person who just recently brought Twitter down crashing to its knees: I deleted a post twice. You know that made its head spin. Oh Twitter, you really need to start working out at the gym or something.

Check out this awesome Fail Whale sculpture. Found while checking out the global Fail Whale tags.

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  1. R.bean 81 months ago | reply

    If this comes out of Failed Twitter...well then....I can't root too hard for it's success.

  2. wwcutie 81 months ago | reply

    I, also, have a crush on the Fail Whale.

    And now I have a crush on this embroidery.

  3. slight clutter 81 months ago | reply

    I need something like this everytime my computer gets hung up -- maybe "broke bloke" or "hung dung" or "down clown." Somehow those don't seem nearly as cute, save maybe the down clown, as the "fail whale." But then...maybe it is all in the rendering?

    The embroidery made me break out in a big whale-like smile. :)

  4. Leighton Cooke 72 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Adventures of Cookiemouse, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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