All that gray is so boring

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My first motion is to change my new state's name from Baja Canada to Bajanada.

I didn't make this graph. I wish I knew who did so I could give them credit.

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  1. brainwise ages ago | reply

    Quite funny!

  2. j.s.f. ages ago | reply

    This is hilarious, yes, but it's worth remembering that urban areas in solid red states are still perfectly lovely places. New Orleans, for example, voted 80% for Kerry. Don't write it all off--only the vast, vast majority of the land mass.

    And are we so sure that Alberta should be blue?

  3. emdot ages ago | reply

    Farago, you are right about NOLA -- one of my favorite places. Perhaps we could have the Polka Dotted States of Canerica. Or something. I'm reaching.

  4. Peter Konnecke ages ago | reply

    God bless Texas !

  5. Dr H ages ago | reply

    As I enter my 4 year state of mourning I can't help thinking that it may be time to split the nation into two countries because it isn't really the "united" states anymore. More like the United Snakes. And while I love Canada, it's awfully cold up there. I was thinking that since so many of W's constituents can't locate their own state on a map, could we trick them into thinking THEY live in Canada?

  6. emdot ages ago | reply

    Hi Peter K -- Let's expand that to God bless all human beings. ;) And all countries.

    And Dr H. -- you continue to crack me up. Did you see the boas from Halloween? ;)

  7. Dave Landry ages ago | reply

    I have to post some related bits of an email thread I had:

    Why did we fight a war to keep the south?

    Yes! Somebody here was suggesting Canerica, uniting the Blue States with Canada.

  8. Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara) ages ago | reply

    Ooooh I shall have to steal this and pass it about. And Dr. H, luckily, I like the cold. ;)

  9. jf1234 ages ago | reply

    The U.S.T. could also be called JesusLand

  10. mscaprikell ages ago | reply

    WHAT A KICK! can't stop giggling!

  11. grebo guru 117 months ago | reply

    What about the United Americas of Microsoft? where do they fit in?

  12. Saffanna 117 months ago | reply

    Hey I live in New!

  13. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    magiozal -- i don't have a way to not copyright this photo. i plainly say i didn't take it and that i would like to give credit to the creator. meanwhile, flickr only allows me to have copyright or cc priveleges -- i don't know how to remove either of them.

  14. MaGioZal 115 months ago | reply

    Emdot, I didn’t intend to claim that you’ve made any copyright infringement on the little comment above…;-)

    In fact, I just put the link to the Confederate States of America map to make a comparsion bettween the today’s “Gray America” and the states that joined the Confederacy in the 1860’s…

  15. emdot 115 months ago | reply

    ha! ;) when i went to the first link all i saw was information on copyrights. ;) my mistake. ;) thanks for the clarification. :) off to check out the map....

  16. unknownkarmic 103 months ago | reply

    Great map you dug up, emdot. But--with due caution and fingers crossed--it may be time to revise it...a bit. If, of course, the Democrats' political IQ going up and Rove's deline toward resembling Bush's ACTUAL brain aren't merely signs of the Apocalypse.

  17. Jaymal 79 months ago | reply

    How 4 years makes a difference.

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