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Dies XIIX of CCCLXV | by Mr. Embrey
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No self portrait today. Let's face it, I'm not that interesting to look at. So, It's time to evolve this project to include the world around me as I see it.


Day 18: Home


I love this park. I have spent a lot of time here throughout my life. As a child my mom and grandmother would bring me here all the time. Back then you came to feed the fish. The lagoon was filled to the brim with LARGE goldfish and coy. Every day the park was full of people with all their 4 day old bread to feed the fish. Nowadays you go to feed the ducks. There were paddle boats for rent at the dock. You could paddle over to the waterfall, or over to the turtle islands. The castle had a large fountain in the courtyard and two 60 ft. slides that started at the top level near the glider swings and took you all the way down to the playground in the courtyard. I've seen old photos of the castle that show there were at least 5 of those slides back in the 60's. There were (and still are) bison and a few other animals on display like a miniature zoo, atop a very large amphitheatre. When you drive through the park, you pass through two tunnels, this is the first of the two. It has always been a tradition to honk your horn as you pass through. In the winter time they decorate the whole park with tons of christmas lights and displays, you tune to an AM channel on the radio and listen to christmas music as you view the lights. At the end you pass through the castle tunnel and make a donation to receive a Cherry Mash (A locally made candy)


When I was a teen, we lived across the street. I spent every day in the park during the summer. I would ride my bike and hike around the trails. I found a trail at the back of the park, that took you way down, deep into the woods. The trail split into several smaller paths that led to their own little points of interest. My favorite was the hidden waterfall.


I proposed to my wife in the rose garden back in 2000. I wanted to have the wedding here too but we were worried about the weather. We come here together pretty often. I come here by myself to relax and clear my mind.


It's pretty run down now, but I have lots of memories here, all of them are good. When I think of home, this is what I see.


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Taken on January 18, 2010