Chandelier Stone Steel Led Suspended by two cables with LED Lights
Design by Emanuele Rubini​

Stone and Steel
Dimensions cm110x55x23
Kg 25

Led white hot high brightness 3.000 Kelvin color temperature
Power Light Watt 120
Driver 24 volt Dc 28 watt

a natural evolution of the two bodies a unique interpretation of the proposed form allows for multiple installation mode this chandelier and able to give a strong suggestion magic linked to the light sculpture that can potentially create thanks to the positioning of the LED placed inside all 'steel Both the distinct feeling that the light elements come out of the architecture, creating scenes really impressive watching the chandelier takes on a dynamic organic in a natural evolution of a circle, its form associated with movement constantly generating new forms and dynamic, changing constantly the profile never cadendo the inconsistency! This chandelier presented a preview will be part of a collection of unique pieces SPECTACULAR light using all new applications for remote control of the cell according to the ambient light of the evening the favorite most intimate moment ... The highlight of this production as all my work is based on love and excitement !!! ... In these works there is real passion where you live all the excitement A 1000 per hour. And now I have decided to share my life "unique" By illuminating the sky with my WORKS
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