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Here's a good reason to always have the camera in the boat | by emace
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Here's a good reason to always have the camera in the boat

Over the course of the first few weeks on Lake Petersburg I had focused most of my efforts on trying to figure out how to catch fish consistently and have done little with photographing the critters I encounter. It may not seem that way with all of the stuff I've been posting but the truth is that I usually leave the camera on the kitchen table when I head out to force me to focus on fishing.


The last week, though, has proven to be extremely vexing for me when it comes to the behavior of our resident largemouth bass. So, when I went out yesterday at sunrise and saw that there was some gorgeous light in store for the morning, I grabbed my backpack and set out to find whatever I could. Of course, since I wanted to get some pictures, there wasn't much presenting itself so I put the camera down and fished hard for a couple of hours. That is until I found this bird.


One of the things that has been odd at the lake is that I see lots of green and blue herons but I never seem to see any egrets. They are plentiful elsewhere around the area but I never seen 'em at the lake. However, as I was fishing in an area I haven't concentrated on much before yesterday, I spooked this bird out of a tree without even seeing it. A bit later, I noticed that it had taken a water level perch on a downed tree a few hundred feet away from its original position so I switched from fisherman to photographer and slowly approached it in my boat. Oddly enough, it was perfectly comfortable with me as long as I was sitting down and allowed me to get really close as it preened itself in the morning sun.


I've always had a tough time with the exposure on these birds but I pretty happy with the results here. The pic above really should be viewed large to see the details in all of those white feathers.

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Taken on September 27, 2009