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Black Leghorn Rooster | by elysianfields
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Black Leghorn Rooster

Leghorns are one of the best known breeds of chicken. They produce the majority of the world's crop of white eggs. The breed originated in Italy, but most of the color varieties were developed in Great Britain, America and Denmark. The birds are found in both single comb and rose comb forms and in many colors, including White, Buff, Silver, Red, Cuckoo, Mottled and Brown among others. The Brown Leghorns are further divided into Dark and Light. When you see a rooster in a painting or an advertisement it is usually a slim-bodied bird with long sickle (tail) feathers and a large single comb: the typical male Leghorn.


Leghorns, especially the White ones, are prodigious egg-layers and broodiness (the desire to hatch eggs) has almost completely been bred out of them. Leghorns are usually hatched out in incubators. A good hen will lay in the vicinity of 300 eggs a year. The light weight of this Mediterranean breed (males reach 6 pounds and females 4 1/2) makes it a poor choice if you are seeking a bird to provide meat for the table, although excess males can be used as fryers.


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Taken on June 29, 2006