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Dr. James Baxter

son of Andrew and Tryphena Baxter

who died at

Courtland Alabama

September 15th, 1838

26 years, 5 months and 25 days


"From hope's bright scene, in life's glad morning born

Lamented youth: thy early fate we mourn

Far from thy home, from friends and kindred dear

Thou passed death's shadowy vale unmoved by fear.

No mother loved, was there to bathe thy brow;

Nor sister's gentle voice to soothe thy wo;

But strangers bent in pity o'er thy dying bed,

And wept for thee, the loved, the early dead.

Farewell! Thy friends will meet thee on that shore

There parting words will pass the lips no more."


Grandson of James Baxter

Cousin of John Baxter


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