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We're in the Money - Dollars for Change

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We're in the money,

We're in the money;

We've got a lot of what it takes to get along!

We're in the money,

The sky is sunny;

Old Man Depression, you are through,

You done us wrong!


We never see a headline

About breadlines today,

And when we see the landlord,

We can look that guy right in the eye .


We're in the money

Come on, my honey

Let's spend it, lend it,

Send it rolling around!




A long time ago

A million years BC

The best things in life

Were absolutely free.

But no one appreciated

A sky that was always blue.

And no one congratulated

A moon that was always new.

So it was planned that they would vanish now and them

And you must pay before you get them back again.

That's what storms were made for

And you shouldn't be afraid for

Every time it rains

It rains

Pennies from heaven.

Don't you know each cloud contains

Pennies from heaven

You'll find your fortune falling

All over town.

Be sure that your umbrella is upside down.

Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers.

If you want the things you love

You must have showers.

So when you hear it thunder

Don't run under a tree.

There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me




In the summer of 2006, I traveled to South Africa to teach kindergarten in the township of Kurland. I had always known I wanted to work in the field of international development, and this trip was meant to be a chance for me to get my feet wet, having graduated college with an anthropology degree the year before .


That October, it was reported that the US population had reached 300 million. I remember thinking what a difference it would make if every American donated just one dollar towards the fight against extreme poverty. It was that population milestone, along with years of frustration with the vast gap between extreme wealth and poverty, that Dollars For Change was born.


On December 18th, 2006, Dollars For Change was incorporated as a non-profit organization and is now recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3).


Katie Rutherford, Founder


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