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125 of 365 - I am. | by elsvo
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125 of 365 - I am.

For Flickr Group Roulette “I am”.


Strobist info: SB-28 in shoot-through umbrella at camera right, bare SB-28 into wall.


I am:


1. Els.

2. Often too curious for my own good.

3. Currently addicted to toast with honey and A Shot at Love (yes.).

4. Honest and confronting. If I feel bad about something you did or said, I will confront you. I will also tell you when you make me feel good though.

5. A movie lover but I can’t remember them. If I remember a movie months after I saw it, it means it either had a big impact on me, or I saw it again. I love movies by the Coen brothers.

6. The worst cook in the universe. I have no patience for it so I usually end up burning either the food or myself. Ovens plot against me.

7. Chicken shit but I face my fears because I’m a bit of a sadist when it comes to me. :p

8. Overly protective of my food. Taking something off my plate is a good way to lose some fingers. Els doesn’t share food!

9. A fan of Britney Spears and I’m not afraid to admit it. Leave Britney alone! :p

10. Crazy about animals. I’ve had a turtle, two cats, a dog and a hamster. Now my dad doesn’t want any animals in the house anymore (not that that stopped me when I got the hamster :p). When I move, I’m getting a cat. Or two. And when I move to a bigger place, I’m also getting a pug. As a small child, I used to be afraid of animals though. When I was a toddler, there was a dog in our town that looked like a lion. A cat once jumped into the car with me and I screamed my heart out. Then my parents decided to go and get the biggest dog they could find: a Great Dane (my parents are also a bit sadistic when it comes to me :p). She was the sweetest dog in the world. We later on got two cats, and one of them slept between our dog’s legs. I am still beating myself up for not having a picture of that.

11. The best secret keeper in the world.

12. Silly when comfortable.

13. A big, big fan of travelling and getting to know other cultures. My favourite cities so far are Budapest, Madrid, Paris and Antwerp. Also the countries Egypt and Turkey have a place in my heart. But I want to travel a lot more, to for instance Iceland, South Africa, Australia, Cuba, Peru, China and Japan. I also want to do a road trip across America one day. I’m going to need a lot more time and money for all this travelling though. :D

14. Afraid of heights. A friend once dared me to go into a Ferris wheel, and I did. I also almost died of fear and did not enjoy the view AT ALL. :p Later on in Paris, he dared me again to get on the roof of the tallest building there. I did but I almost fainted on the stairs up on the roof. Everything was turning around.

15. Interested in psychology and sociology, and am quite good at estimating what people are really like.

16. Currently following some photography blogs and inspirational websites, and when I visit them and they haven’t posted anything new, I am actually a little angry with them.

17. I’m very easy going and not easily angry (blogs not taken into consideration :p). But when I do get angry, it’s serious.

18. Imaginative. As a child, I had the biggest imagination, along with a whole bunch of imaginative friends, family members and pets. I dressed up as a robot and took rides with my imaginative flying horse. I found diamonds at the end of rainbows. At one point, my mum became so worried she thought I was crazy. But my grandmother told her I was fine. And now look at me! I’m as normal as a guy watching tv with a sock over his head. Actually, when I don’t know people that well, I’ll probably look like the most normal girl in the world. Boring even.

19. Very rational. But also on the edge of reason.

20. Ending this list now.

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Taken on February 3, 2009