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    Feather dusters for sale at the State College Arts Festival.

    1. ~42n81~ 118 months ago | reply

      elston, this totally tickles my fancy

    2. SeenyaRita 118 months ago | reply

      where's the fancy located? I can think of better places to tickle. Great color!

    3. elston 118 months ago | reply

      Used in this manner, the fancy refers to one's liking or taste, therefore I would assume the fancy is located somewhere in the brain. Brain tickling is actually one of the finest places, as it essentially cuts out the middleman.

    4. SeenyaRita 118 months ago | reply

      hahaha. you're a fancy philosopher chuck!

    5. ndanger 118 months ago | reply

      Nice! Love the texture & the splash of blue.

    6. Hilary (curioush) 118 months ago | reply

      i adore these colors....

    7. juli 118 months ago | reply

      great color and texture!

    8. macwagen 118 months ago | reply

      Beautiful lighting...love orange and blue together

    9. Vina the Great 118 months ago | reply

      instant fave!
      love the colours & texture

    10. shawnwall 118 months ago | reply

      outstanding color.

    11. MacaDamien 118 months ago | reply

      Tangerine plumage!!!

    12. dcjs 118 months ago | reply

      awesome color!

      Interesting how you can make a featherduster art!

    13. btezra [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

      ~I/eye just dig this~

    14. Neil Bernhart [dextr] 117 months ago | reply

      love it!

      instant favorite

    15. Tamagotch Bowie 27 months ago | reply

      Just thought you'd like to know that I used this beautiful picture on my blog, "Baby Girl Tamagotch Bowie." The blog is about depression and, well, Tamagotchis.

      The post in question was published today and is entitled: "Guest Post --- Dylan's Worst Fears"

      I linked the picture to this page, and your name to your photostream.

      Thank you so much! Keep up the good work, Emily.


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