Kissy Fish quilt

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    My 3-year-old daughter has already claimed this one - I can see her snuggling with it while she looks at books. Right now I'm trying to decide what kind of border to put on it to beef up the size a little (it's currently 39" x 50").

    1. Echo Marie 48 months ago | reply

      I love it! The colors and pattern are great!

    2. PolkadotSparrow (April) 48 months ago | reply

      Great pointing! And great colors, too! :)

    3. emmac350 48 months ago | reply

      When I look at it, I see kissing fishes, so maybe you could do a fish print? Just a thought...or maybe a nice bright, saturated blue color.

    4. freshlypieced 48 months ago | reply

      Kissing fishes! I love it, thanks for pointing that out! : )

    5. emmac350 48 months ago | reply

      Haha, no took me a while to see anything but those little fishies. :)

    6. GeorgiaMcDonald 48 months ago | reply

      Oh so pretty!!!

    7. mamacjt 48 months ago | reply

      Those colors are gorgeous together!!! Great job!

    8. scrapnchick 48 months ago | reply

      This is a stunning quilt! I don't think I would do too much to make it bigger though if it's for a three year old. You want her to be able to carry it around with her, and if she gets really attached to it, she WILL carry it everywhere. If it's too much bigger, she won't be able to hold it.

    9. Sandy in Buenos Aires 45 months ago | reply

      It's GORGEOUS !!! I love the bright colors and the great pattern !!!

    10. aggiebabe1 43 months ago | reply

      Love it! Is there a pattern?

    11. freshlypieced 43 months ago | reply

      There's no pattern, but I do have a blog now, so I'll do a post about how to do this. It's pretty simple actually - each block is 3 half-square triangles and 1 square, and then the blocks are set on point. But I'll do a post in the next week or so with measurements and all that good stuff. Thanks for all the interest and nice comments!

    12. GeorgiaMcDonald 43 months ago | reply

      Just had a quick look at your blog - lovely! I'll have a better look later with a cup of coffee. :-)

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