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Donuts and croissants.

EDM #24 - Draw a piece of fruit. EDM #203 - Draw a glass of juice. Blueberry pie, ice cream and whipped cream. Donuts and croissants. Drawing my breakfast Lunch Russian salad. EDM #162 - Draw your breakfast. EDM #87 - Draw your lunch and journal about it. Drawing my breakfast Drawing my breakfast EDM #135 - Draw a salad. Drawing my breakfast EDM #116 - Draw something green. Cherries The tea that I like to take. Tea: tea, chamomile. A couple of garlic Coffee Beans EDM #12 - Draw what you ate for dinner.

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Barbara Weeks says:

Nice set!
Posted 92 months ago. ( permalink )

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Telesforo Z says:

Muy buena toda la colección: sencilla, clara, atractiva...
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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