brandy sheep cheese
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Sheep Cheese with Brandy
This cheese was soaked in brandy, was refined with mediterranean herbs and was produced exclusively from sheep milk. With a ripening period of 5 months this sheep cheese has a full-bodied taste which gets the special mark by the brandy. Particularly intensely the brandy mark is in the coconsumption-cash bark. In taste this cheese strongly and can accept according to maturity taste directions from mildly to strongly spicy. Brandy-scented pure ewe´s cheese made exclusively with fresh ewe´s milk. Maturity more than 240 days. Fat +50% Keep Refrigerated. Consume preferably at room temperature.

Our Presentations:

In wheels. -Mini 1 kg. ( 2 lb) - Standart. 3 kgs. (6 lb)

In wedges.

From 140 gr., 200 gr. , 300 gr., 450 gr. to 750 gr.

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