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Prada in Marfa Texas

That title should read "Prada outside Marfa, Texas"

For those of you not familar with Prada Products, they are a great way to impress your wife or girlfriend, but the price will give you a nose bleed. Would me anyway.

This display is in RoadsideAmerica.Com and is definitely bizzare. This little building just sits beside the road outside Marfa.

Marfa is weird enough with it's mystery lights but this thing is definitely weirdo.

There are no prices on the items, no description, no contact information. It just contains a load of shoes and purses.

There are three more images below.

I looked up a pair of Prada shoes on the net. Neiman-Marcus sells them for $700 to a couple of grand while the purses will definitely please yer lady for around $1,300 to $2000.

Way weird!


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Taken on March 30, 2010