Conversational Traces (NYC Edition, 2013)
Since 2008 I have taken a picture during almost every conversation I had, via Skype, which I first stated using in 2008 when I moved to Berlin from London. As the years go on, technology alters the look of us, but also haircuts change, babies are born and grow and our locations shift.
I see this series as a group portrait of the people I love, as well as of those I work with through my art & curatorial projects. But it is also a form of self portraiture. Of me (and my haircuts, my moods, my inboxes, battery levels & the other elements that are visible) but also of my network, which, increasingly, is understood to define us more than almost anything else in today's social capital-obsessed world.
A new series of these has been pulled together for an exhibition curated by Daniel Kingery, which opens on THURSDAY 6TH JUNE at Kunsthalle Galapagos, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York. More info on this exhibition here:

And link to the project on my website:
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