Conversational Traces (Skype)
This series was developed for a 'Kunst-aktion' in Wedding, Berlin whereby invited artists produce 25 original art works directly onto share certificates. The shares are of the building in Wedding, which houses artist studios and gallery space. The sharing of the ownership of the space makes it less suceptible to being taken over by speculative investors and thereby offers some security to the artists who rely upon cheap rent for their studios.

I have been using Skype since 2008 and, just as I take photos in the real world, I have also been gathering screenshots of conversations I've had on Skype. Haircuts change, houses change, children grow. I was interested in making an object of something so ephemeral. The screenshots are printed to exactly the same dimensions as my comptuer screen, and each piece titled according to the places I and whoever I was talking to, was in. Plus the date.
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