Selling The Old To Make Possible The New (Leica Replacement Strategy)
In December 2009 my Leica M6 camera was stolen out of my bag in a local bar in Kreuzberg. My camera insurance had just run out, as I had recently moved to Germany and the company I was with wouldn't re-insure me if I was living outside the UK.

Having no funds to buy a new camera, I launched this project, soon after, to raise funds to buy a new one. But unlike previous single edition selling projects, this time I pledged to draw each photo I sold - thus transforming my archive from photos to pen drawings.

The drawings were done in the order in which the photos were sold. With only one attempt. With pen.

But in March 2010 I was summoned to Kreuzberg police station, where they gave me my camera back.

Still astonished. It was thanks to the one second hand photo shop on Fuldastrasse that I naively but hopefully went into two days after the fateful evening to share the sad story of the stolen camera, where, three months or so later, my camera was brought, and promptly reported.

PHOTOS WITH NO DRAWINGS STILL FOR SALE! Please contact me if you're interested in buying one!
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