Print Sale! March 2018
Limited edition hand printed c-prints, printed by Elly Clarke in 2006 during a residency at The Banff Centre. All photos were taken with a Leica M6 35mm camera during a 10 day journey on the Trans Siberian Train, during which time Clarke conducted interviews with passengers from the countries the train was passing through, despite the lack of any common language. To raise funds to go on this journey she sold photos before they had been taken, via Ebay (

I am now offering the remainder of these prints for sale. All are printed on archival paper measuring 30"x40".

Over the past 11 years this project has been shown at museums and galleries internationally - in a group show in Kiasma, Helsinki; in a 2 person show at London Gallery West at the University of Westminster in London and in solo shows at Globe Hub, North Shields, Newcastle; The Banff Centre, Canada; Centre for Endless Progress in Berlin, Techno Park Studios in Melbourne, Australia and at a solo screening at Milton Keynes Gallery.

Please contact me for more info and for prices. The prints are in Berlin but can be shipped. Various quantities (from 1-3) editions remain of each of these images.
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