Fused Plastic ipod Cosy
Turning your awesome fused plastic into something useful - an iPod cover, or cellphone cover or just a nifty little open purse

What you'll need
2 rectangles of fused pastic
Thread (I used hot pink tapestry wool)
Snaps or Velco

Lay your iPod in the middle of the first rectangle. Rule a line all about the iPod. Make your line about 1cm away from it.
Lay your iPod in the middle of the second rectangle, rule lines again but at the top make about a 6cm gap (this makes your flap.
Join your two rectangles together and, using blanket stitch, sew around the edges leaving the top part free.
For blanket stitch: See the image across -> Come up at 1, go down at 2 and come up at 3, being sure to catch the thread from your first stitch. Pull taut before beginning your next stitch and be sure to keep your stitches even.

Extra fashion moment
Sew just around the top of the smaller rectangle only, and then sew on your flaps
Attach one of your snaps on the inside of the flap
Match the snap to the body of your case and attach another snap.

And you are all done.

Instead of fused plastic you can use fabric, knitted wool, felt anything you like!
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