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Re: pdf

l have to spell it out for you, then.

(and to the audience, of course.)


l wondered why you spoke to me myself.


it's too late to say you're not talking to me. you took the internship

while l was in jail in the county.

and now l've been telling you everything l'm going to do to put people

you shared an office with in prison. l haven't seen you for 3/ 4 years;

l barely know you to begin with. you got my draughts and suddenly l'm a

crazy bitch you can't talk to anymore.


this story is starting to make sense.


wake the fuck up, narcissus.


after paying for your license in full, it'll be stripped and you might

even go to prison. unless you pay someone some more, which daddy

probably will. just remember l'm not the one who set you up. it's all

you; you deserve everything that's coming to you.


as far as going to prison, you can be sure it won't stop with you

alone, even if they've set you up to take it in the ass. l'm going to

make sure of that. and this isn't about revenge, it's about removing

burdens upon society like yourself and people being able to speak up for

themselves. l want to live and l will.








On 2012-10-16 17:31, Rico Tagliaferri wrote:

> I knew it was a mistake to start communicating with you again. Have a

> nice life.


> On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 8:12 PM, Bullitt Bourbon [2]> wrote:


>> l have citations, they're not in the document yet. this is a

>> draught, which is pretty obvious. your comments show that you either

>> think l'm stupid or you don't know the rules.

>> not even in the club and already condescending. you know, not the

>> entire world is a gerontocracy and that attitude will only make you

>> age and flabbify faster.


>> well, that proves you're a robot. mainly l wanted to see your

>> reaction to what happened to me. like l said, you're a robot, that

>> means a cypher. do you know what that means? you don't have to you

>> are one.


>> here's an idea, why don't you go find your 'colleagues' and tell

>> them what l'm doing so they can prepare to protect themselves

>> against me. oh wait they already did.


>> here's the whole outline.


>> l didn't ask you for advice l told you to read. you know why?

>> because it doesn't matter what you say or think or whatever, l'm

>> going to win.


>> as for help from counsel, l'm going to Tony Serra's Halloween party

>> and putting boogers all over his furniture but l'm not looking for

>> his help. l don't know, do l want Tony Serra's advice or your

>> advice, let me think about that one... hmmm.


>> oh and another thing you sure are careful about signing up for

>> stuff for a guy who doesn't use condoms. you're stupid.


>> later

>> -Bourbon


>> On 2012-10-16 14:22, Rico Tagliaferri wrote:


>>> Comments:


>>> (1) you have not cited any legal authority for your assertions.

>>> You

>>> make legal assertions, but do not support them with any case or

>>> statutory law. This is not fatal, but, as is, your motion is

>>> simply

>>> a series of factual assertions. You have not laid out the law,

>>> nor

>>> have you applied any law to the facts, thus connecting the dots.

>>> You

>>> have simply made legal conclusions (and a bunch of non legal

>>> arguments) at the end of each factual assertion


>>> (2) What relief are you asking for? What kind of motion is this?

>>> Maybe

>>> you have plans to fill that in later?


>>> (3) Look up the confidentiality rules fro attorneys and compare

>>> that

>>> to the scene you describe when the attorney is asking you to take

>>> a

>>> deal.


>>> I can't comment on much more than that. Both because I don't know

>>> enough about your cases and because I can't give legal advice.

>>> But

>>> it sounds like you had a lot of trouble getting done what you

>>> wanted

>>> to get done - trial. Sorry about that. One of the problems is

>>> that the

>>> rules of evidence do not allow a defendant to simply get on the

>>> stand

>>> and talk about whatever he or she wants. Any testimony or

>>> evidence

>>> must be relevant to a legal defense in some way - I didn't do it;

>>> I

>>> did it but I was crazy; I did it but I was coerced; etc. Without

>>> a

>>> legal defense, you did not even have a viable method to get on

>>> the

>>> stand and talk about your protest views (motive for the theft?).

>>> I

>>> understand that you would not have known that, and your attorney

>>> should have told you that. And that does not fix or address the

>>> difficulty you had communicating with your attorneys, but it is

>>> something you allude to in the motion.


>>> -Rico-


>>> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 9:41 PM, Bullitt Bourbon

>>> >> [1]> wrote:


>>>> --

>>>> -bullitt

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