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all the tags in neiman marcus have been replaced. many at saks, and barney's as well.


they don't have to all be replaced. it's a collaboration. he made it, i claim it. because why not, everyone wins.


how am i entitled to this?


i can explain this with the semiotics of Kill Bill 2, that "Beatrix Kiddo"s initials are BK, Burger King, instead, McDonald's; except not McDonald's, but mcQueen.


...and how Alexander McQueen's first name is Lee, and it's as good as an anagram of elle (and how i habitually tell people "call me ellie and die," in the movie, the eye (i) is twice removed, once by the sifu, and once by BK.) the inside of a burberry coat is lined with plaid patterned fabric. the plaid shirt worn by BK is just an inside-out version of the tailored black jacket worn by Elle Driver. if you watch the fight scene, 2 long-haired blondes fight each other; as they cross swords, you can barely see their faces; they look like the same person. snakes are a metaphor for ego, so it was really the same person fighting herself.


what's more, i'm e.ko (e高).


...and how Steve McQueen is famous for playing a driver (not a cop) in the chase scene in Bullit, filmed on these very same hills i tread everyday (i even stay on the nob hill- russian hill border)... and that Steve McQueen learned martial arts from Bruce Lee... and how Bruce Lee is from San Francisco and so am i. and there's that anagram again. but why?


those are just signs, why would i write a pulp detective novel? what matters is that i am the mcQueen.


tags past.









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Uploaded on August 2, 2010