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February 5-11, 2012


This week is dedicated to love for my beautiful, brand new car.


When I was 15, I inherited my grandmother's gray 1997 Chevy Lumina. I was given the choice of either getting a new car and selling the Lumina, or taking the Lumina and getting a grand new piano. I don't think my parents had gotten that entire sentence out before I screamed, "PIANO!!" Thus, the car became mine and I immediately named her Nelda Stephenson; I thought it was an appropriate name for an old car.


My parents kept their fingers crossed that Nelda would last me until after I graduated. Miraculously, she did, and with minor damage. (No least with another vehicle. The house did get in my way once.) Most days, I was completely ok with my decision to keep the old car. But I did have plenty of days where I hated what I had done, but those days were few and far between and usually occured when I hadn't played my piano in ages.


A few weeks ago, I started the car shopping process, which mainly consisted of me actually noticing what other kinds of cars were driving around me. I had my heart set on a Dodge Charger, but after a short mini-lecture from dad on how that was a terrible choice, I moved on. Deep down I knew mom and dad wouldn't approve of it anyway. I found the Nissan Juke online, and until the day I went to the dealership, I had actually never seen one in person. When I sat down in it, my mind was made up. This was the car I was going to get.


Two weeks later and some incredible negotiating on my dad's part, I made my first car purchase. I have yet to name her. 'Margaret Benson' will be her nickname (ask Jake if you want to the know why). I'm thinking Madame Blueberry right now?


I have to admit that I was a pretty smart 15 year old. I knew that one day I'd have the piano AND the car. Go me.

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Taken on February 6, 2012