Up in Flames

Sarah Ann Loreth and fire go together really well.


I can't believe I got to meet and hang out with one of my biggest inspirations ever last week! Sarah is so sweet and beautiful and talented and always up for setting herself on fire. This here is one of my favourite people in the world and I feel so blessed to say I know her... In real life! :)



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  • Spreng Ben 3y

    I am glad I have seen your beautiful shot! It really deserves Explore.
    Have a blessed Monday.

    excelente ...felicidades por el explore.excellent ... congratulations on the explore.
  • Martin 3y

    Seen on Explore, congrats!
  • Rhiannon Connelly 3y

    Sarah - the new Khaleesi!! Love the intensity of this photo!
  • Sarah-Jill Rush 3y

    Rhiannon Connelly Ha, that's what I thought too!!
  • theycallusuninspired 3y

    this is so cool!
  • Adam 3y

  • natur.echt 3y

    great concept
  • Charles Brown 3y

    Magnificent photography!!
  • kaeley hammond 2y

    this is awesome!
  • 广园 许 2y

  • Monica Cazares Salomon 2y

  • Marrek Photos 2y

    Amazing photo
  • in time of roses 2y

    Hello lovely. So I have a rather complicated a long-winded comment, but here goes:

    I'm in a creative writing class, and we were given the prompt of finding a few particularly expressive or evocative pieces of visual art and writing something based on each one.

    I wrote about a Van Gogh painting I love and a couple impressionist pieces, and I was searching through my Flickr favorited photos for another image to write to when I found this beautiful picture of yours. For some reason it instantly sparked my muse, and over the course of an hour it developed into a brief but meaningful little narrative that I'm actually quite happy with.

    Anyway, I would love to either post it here or just inbox message it to you if you'd like to and be willing to read it. I hope you know that your photography truly inspires. :) <3
  • Lizzy Gadd 2y

    in time of roses I would absolutely love to read it! It always makes my day to hear that my photos can spark and inspire such creativity in others. :) Feel free to post it here or inbox me, whichever you'd like! <3
  • in time of roses 2y

    Lizzy Gadd

    okay, so it's not perfect, but it would make me really happy to know you've read it. I'm still not even really sure where this piece came from; I rarely write this sort of realistic fiction prose genre, but it just sortof came to me and begged to be typed out. :)


    I stumbled into faith one morning at the river, when it was early enough that the sparrows were still silent and the sky a pale yellow-gray. It smelled of petrichor and peacefulness. Breathe in, breathe out.

    I could see from my side of the river how the April wildflowers were just beginning to paint the meadows with their small fiery voices. I would bring home a bouquet of them, I decided. Violets and thistles and dandelions and queen anne’s lace and those little crumbly granulated crimson berries we’d always called “bird strawberries,” because the birds loved them but a little girl would die if they ate just one.

    I would bring them home, slip up to my room before anyone knew I’d been out, and put them in a candlewick milk glass vase. But I had three of those vases, and then all the translucent flutes and bell jars in rose and lavender and beer bottle green I’d collected from antique stores in every little town along both coasts… I would fill them all, I decided. And my bedroom would be filled with light and life for a day or three, and then when they wilted there would be the day of rotting, when the room would smell of faint wetness and lovely death, and then I would come back down to the river to set them free. They’d float away on the slow rushing waters and I would smile.

    I stepped into the river, and the icy water lapped up my shins and pebbled the skin of my spine all the way up in seconds. I froze for a moment, gathered up my flowing skirt and then took another few steps into the stinging, loving river. Pause, then push on. Breathe in, breathe out again. I made it halfway across like that before I remembered myself and stopped in the middle of the river, balanced on a mossy rock that could’ve been under the water there since before the split wood fence ran along my side of the river.

    It was then that I realized the hem of my long linen day dress had been licking at the surface of the water and was clinging in soaked folds to the backs of my reddened knees. I let it fall from my fingers to meet the river wholly, and felt the thin fabric as it became weighed down by the wetness and waved against my legs like it was the water. Looking out over the rushing river, I took in a deep breath. Almost there. Stay brave.

    When I’d made it to the other side, I clambered up the pebbly riverbank into the strip of unkempt sandy dirt that separated the water from the fields, managing to find my way to the wheat grass with only a handful of new scratches and scrapes from the sticks and stones of the bank. The world was at my feet now, here, I knew, in jewel-like petals of indigo and sunshine and ruby and snow. Breathe in, breathe out. I gathered in both hands my glorious little piece of it and waded back into the river.

    By then I’d forgotten entirely about the box of matches pressed between my wrinkled blush-pink bodice and my shivering skin, at least until it slipped then and almost fell down into the river below. I caught it just in time, but paid the fates their price instead with one handful of my precious flowers. Before they could sail away on the current, I slipped the matchbook quickly back into my dress and bent to pull the wet hem up out of the water. Plucking it up between thumb and forefinger, I held it shakily just a few inches above the river’s face, so that it cupped up some water inside the bowl of fabric to make a little tide pool.

    My wildflowers floated in graceful circles over the mirrored surface, swirling within the confines of my skirt. I just stood there and watched them for a few minutes, occasionally dipping a pale fingertip in to spin the water and momentarily speed their cyclic dance. Breathe in, breathe out. When I was ready, I removed a single match from the little box tucked more carefully now in my dress and scratched it along the box’s side quickly. It was no small miracle that I was eventually able to light it without dropping my hem from my other hand still poised over the water, and when I had, I took a resolved breath and dropped it into my lap full of water and blossoms.

    I’d thought it would just fall and flicker out when it met the river’s strong eyes, and maybe if I was lucky leave a little trail of sweet smoke for me to sniff at. I was wrong. The bird strawberries and queen’s lace, the violets and dandelions, the thistles and the stray blades of wheat grass all instantaneously bloomed with riotous fire. It lasted only one half of a second, or maybe just a third of one, but I was left staring in awe at the river before me, my hem drifting down into the water to catch on a point of black rock and my fire flowers finally singing away in perfect time with the current. Goodbye.

    As I crossed the river, I relished the delicious silence that still hung in the morning air and the transient believing in everything that came with it. I knew it wouldn’t last long. When I was home again, I climbed the stairs and closed myself up in my room. I opened all of the windows and arranged my beautiful flowers in the three milk glass vases, and I put on another dress. I hung my river-damp pale pink one over the footboard of my bed, where I was sure it would make my room smell of river for a good solid week before someone noticed and made me wash it. I settled on my back atop my covers and pretended to be asleep.

    So morning broke, and the noise of the world returned, but I stayed quiet and kept the faith. The river stayed quiet and kept faith with me. Breathe in, breathe out again.


  • Lizzy Gadd 2y

    in time of roses What a beautiful, beautiful piece this is, I love it so much!!! I can't thank you enough for sharing it with me. I even had little shivers of delight while reading it because I'm a dork like that haha. You are so talented!!! :D Ahhh. <3 <3 <3
  • in time of roses 2y

    Lizzy Gadd asdfghjkl thank you so much for reading it! The fact that you liked it so much literally made my day. :') I do so love when art inspires further art <3
  • Mehreen 1 1y

    m falling in love with ur work!!!!
  • Kenneth Vogelsberg 1y

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Taken on October 8, 2012
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