Garrett, Deb (Biggie), and I met over at Hank Shaw's house to butcher some roosters. A neighbor had offered Hank 3 roosters, but one got away as Hank and Garrett were chasing it. Hank caught each rooster with what looked like a fishing net, grabbed it by the neck, wrung its neck, and put it into a burlap sack. We then took the roosters back to Hank's house down the block. We blanched them a couple of times in quite hot water to make them easier to pluck. We plucked them, chopped their heads off, and cut them into pieces. Hank is going to use the meat to make sausages, the roosters were each a couple years old and the meat would be too tough to cook otherwise. Garrett got to take home the carcasses for making stock. Deb and I just have our happy memories.

(Here is Hank's write-up of the event.)
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