Save the Date & MOO Cards

02-2008 A work in progress and still not the final version ;-)


05-2010 The cards have been sent out, followed by the 'real' wedding invitations. We had our wedding and then we had our wedding party in France. This save the date card was for that Wedding Celebration Weekend ...


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  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    This is the photo I used for the MOO mini cards ...

    Save the Date
  • Namio101 7y

    wow mooi schat! :-)
  • Keith Last 7y

    So what does it all mean, of course i cant read the card which doesnt help!!

  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    Hi Keith, It's a Save the Date card and I 'stole' the idea from "The Louwerse" (
    Save the Date designs by karinlouwersephotography
    ) and worked from there.

    We are getting married in September in The Netherlands and will celebrate from the next day including the following weekend in France. Because we still have to arrange the ceremony (location and time) in NL but do want our friends & guests to "save the date(s)" we are sending out this pre-announcement.

    The translation goes like this :

    Elisabeth & Martijn are getting married on Thurday the 4th of September and would like to celebrate with you from September 5th until and including the following weekend in Wasigny, France. Invitation to follow.

    On the back side of the MOO card it says to save the date(s) and go to our weblog for more information, chapters "trouwen" (marriage) and "ons trouwfeest en de lokatie" (our wedding party and the location).

    So now you know :-)
    And thanks for asking and stopping by once again!
  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    Thanks. Ben zooooo blij dat ik mijn kleuterschool afgemaakt heb ;-)
  • Keith Last 7y

    Oh i see now...well that makes sense...and congrat's too...i hope you have a lovely day and it all goes well....thanks for letting me know what it all meant!

  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    Thanks and no thanks!
  • karin louwerse 7y

    Those turned out beautiful! I like the moo card addition. It's perfect! Good luck on planning your wedding.
  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    Thank you!
  • crayonjazz 7y

    Thank you!
    ps I love the black envelope!
  • Tinwhistle Sally 7y

    lovely script sweet little black bow!
  • Elisabeth de Ru 7y

    missamyo Hmm, that does not come across right in this photo but the envelope and the little bow are dark brown.
  • Jan G. Laursen 5y

    And how did the wedding go then??
  • Elisabeth de Ru 5y

    The wedding went well (here in NL); the wedding party (this save the date card was for the wedding party in France) went very well.

    The celebration was a success and everyone enjoyed themsleves. We all arrived on Friday and departed on Sunday. Right there and then everyone agreed we all should go back in due time to have another weekend like that and we will soon.

    In June we are returning to Wasigny and La Gare to do another weekend together, almost two years after the original wedding weekend!
  • Elisabeth de Ru 5y

    Published here on MOO's journal.
  • Elisabeth de Ru 5y

    The MOO card that is attached ....

    Save the Date

    MOO cards
  • Elisabeth de Ru 8mo

    Six years ago already! :-O
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