KBC v1.0

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    1. Ashley (photo by splityarn)
    2. Caro (photo by bestitched)
    3. Pam
    4. Minty chooses her cowl (photo by NotHip)
    5. Christy (photo by flintknits)
    6. Eleven becowled knitters, tragically missing Jennie and Nova (photo by doggedknits)
    7. Minty in the cowl I knit (photo by JulieFrick)
    8. Diana (photo by NotHip)
    9. Julia
    10. Megan (photo by Soto Softies)
    11. Sarah
    12. Julia and Diana (photo by splityarn)
    13. The cowls! (photo by splityarn)

    Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

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    1. doggedknits 72 months ago | reply

      Oh, I love this. Love, love, love this.

    2. ElinorB 72 months ago | reply

      OK, that's good. I feel wicked bad about ripping off all these pictures. They're so pretty though. I think I'm going to print that one of Diana and JF - Caro, that's my fav.

    3. m_soto 72 months ago | reply

      Awwww, this made me a little teary. You guys are so ridiculously awesome!

    4. mintyfreshflavor 72 months ago | reply

      *mem'ries . . . like the corners of my mind . . .*

    5. JulieFrick 72 months ago | reply

      Love, love, love. I wanna print this as is.

    6. cold bright day 72 months ago | reply

      OK, that's it. This is just too awesome. I want a KBC West. Christy? Tiennie? Jenna? V? Who's with me?

    7. mintyfreshflavor 72 months ago | reply

      That's a brilliant idea! Share the love, people, shaaaare the love.

    8. ElinorB 72 months ago | reply

      Indeed! That would be a pretty kickass KBC. Oh and BTW, I can't believe you and Christy haven't met. WTF is up with you two? I don't mean to be a busy body but hello? What are you guys thinking? You live in the same city! Get on that!

    9. JulieFrick 72 months ago | reply

      Yes! Yes! Yes! But selfishly, I want this to happen at least a year from now, so I can justify the boys being old enough for me to go that far away...

    10. novamade 72 months ago | reply

      Sniff. I love this mosaic!

    11. cold bright day 72 months ago | reply

      Seriously, there's no excuse. Although I have to claim most of the blame because I keep telling her I'm going to come down to Abundant sometime and then I'm so stuck in my ways I just keep going to knitpurl and twisted. But you're totally right, and once I crawl out from under this mountain of work ima do something about it. :)

    12. { philistine made } 72 months ago | reply

      dude, I need a print copy of this framed and sitting prominently on my desk or dresser.

    13. NeitherHIpNorFunky 72 months ago | reply

      Yeah, dude, we both suck, Stella. We will make it happen. I love the Twisted, and that is probably more of a halfway meeting point.
      I am all about the KBC West, it must happen next year. I have floor space.

    14. cold bright day 72 months ago | reply

      And I have a futon! Also the world's nicest cat, who will cuddle guests all night on said futon. (No offense to other cats, just stating fact.)

    15. Funessa 72 months ago | reply

      Who's V? Am I V? Because I totally want in on some KBC West action.

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