Fire Proof Mac

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    Dear Steve Jobs,
    how are you these days? Busy, I can imagine.

    Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know my laptop is doing well, although she went through a lot these last months. It all started when I decided to move from the US to Norway, and your representatives told me that my Apple Care protection would not be valid once I had moved to Norway. Why? I asked. They weren't sure. They advised me to be very careful with my less than a year old laptop, so that nothing would happen to it, because if it DID, well, I'd be screwed. Even though I had already paid for my apple care for two more years. Even though it is possible to fix my US born laptop in Europe, too. Maybe you can explain that better? Perhaps you know something they don't.

    But I didn't complain much. I took their advice and handled my laptop with much care. I even got an external hard-drive to offload that extra weight when she gained a few gigabytes (Wish there was a product for me to offload my extra weight. Don't you?) so she wouldn't start complaining (like I do).

    Anyway, one day, I was writing a heated story on my laptop. I was sitting in a cafe, enjoying my lattee, typing away like crazy. I really like how you did those keyboards, Steve, they're so easy to tap. Love it. But suddenly, this horrible, horrible flame appeared in the middle of my screen, it grew stronger and stronger until I knew I wasn't dreaming and slapped my laptop shut in terror, thinking it was overheating because of all that naughty stuff I wrote, swearing to God I would never be that risky again.

    That's when I saw the candle on the other side. On that table, in this little charming coffee store, was a candle. It is cold in Norway, you know. We need the extra heat. And my shiny, beautiful, adorable glowing apple... it was full of blisters.

    As you can imagine, I started to cry. I cried so hard that all my tears fell down on this tiny little apple on fire. And then the fire stopped.

    All I could think of were your representatives, the ones who told me that they took my money but wouldn't honor the warranty anyway. They told me to be careful, and here I was, so overjoyed at typing on this beautiful laptop that I had forgotten the lurking dangers and set her on fire. I guess the truth is that the warranty hadn't been of much help to me and my broken apple even if I was still in the states, anyway. It was all my fault, wasn't it?

    But thankfully, you had already thought of this. You had made my laptop fireproof!! For how does this story end?

    With a scruffy looking yet still glowing apple and a tiny, tiny brown spot on my screen. Thank you, Steve. You're a star.

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    1. adventurous bell [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Wow Cool! But I still love my computer!

    2. jimheid ages ago | reply

      What a charming letter! I've blogged this on my site.

      How weird that AppleCare isn't transferrable outside the US.

      Are you sure it wasn't the torrid words you wrote that set your Mac aflame?

    3. Elinesca ages ago | reply

      Hi Jim!
      Thank you for blogging me:-)

      I was devastated to find out. I still can't believe it. They wouldn't even take it if I shipped it to the US from here.

      I have to admit, I do worry it might have been those words. To be extra sure, I deleted the file. Oofs!

    4. Tess_ ages ago | reply

      Love this letter!

    5. Jill ages ago | reply

      I'd ring AppleCare here in Europe and make sure about that validity thing. The salesperson for my last Mac here in Norway used the international, global AppleCare as a sales argument, saying that if I travelled I might have trouble using my Norwegian guarantee, but that with an AppleCare agreement I'd be guaranteed service globally.

      Hopefully he wasn't having me on.

    6. Elinesca ages ago | reply

      Thank you Tess:-)

      Oh my, Jill! That sounds like trouble to me. It makes no sense? Why would the AppleCare agreement work if the original agreement doesn't work..? Were you buying AppleCare at that time?

    7. CYBRITT ages ago | reply

      Wonderful story! But I remember that you once had an old one that actually did catcha fire all on it's own?

    8. _Hans van de Vorst ages ago | reply

      Amazing story. Wonderful letter. Well me and Stevo have techthing going. Saw him last week actually at Cupertino campus. This is great for the marketing chaps I reckon, could be a nice commercial called iFire, iFlame or even iSwear ? Well, your letter just flew to Let's wait and see.

    9. ennailuj ages ago | reply

      I'm sorry to hear about your computer. What a tragedy!

      I didn't understand your letter completely. Did the candle set it on fire or did it spontaneously combust? If the candle set it on fire, I'm not sure that the damage would be covered by AppleCare anyways.

      I have heard tales of similar warranty problems, for example, somebody buying a camera from a website in another country thinking that they're getting a good deal and then finding out that the warranty wasn't for the country they live in. I also know that you cannot get AppleCare in the state of Florida (can't recall why).

      Good luck with getting your computer fixed!

    10. Elinesca ages ago | reply

      Oh! Britt, I forgot about that... my first mac.. the motherboard died and there was a lot of smoke coming out of the laptop, 1 year and 3 months old. It was the most expensive laptop I ever had, and all that money wasted, because I didn't get the extended warranty:-( That was misery.

      My second mac was an ibook. It was all I could afford, and I'm mightly glad I didn't get the best one: The little WhiteTiny got stolen in Cambridge when someone broke into my apartment through Mr. Teen's bedroom window. They took ONLY the laptop, and the backpack I used to carry it in. NOTHING else! Mr. Teen's playstation survived, my new palm 72 zire which was right there at the kitchen table... nope. I guess I could keep that one, since I never use it anyway. Misery, too..

      And now this powerbook caught fire...

      Do you think I am ...cursed..?

      Steve!! Say something!

    11. Elinesca ages ago | reply

      julianneff, it was the candle, and like I said, it was all my fault (except if the powerbook wasn't such a delight to use, I wouldn't be so immersed in it that I wouldn't have noticed the candle). That's why I am so grateful that it turned out my laptop was fireproofed:-) It didn't need to get fixed!! I am typing this post from that splendid apple you see in that shot.

      Hans, iHeart my mac in spite of my curse:-) Do you think he'd make a personal iMovie with me..?

    12. ennailuj ages ago | reply

      I understand now. I'm glad that it still works. Whew!

    13. beautiful shoe [deleted] ages ago | reply

      what a story, poor thing!

    14. _Hans van de Vorst ages ago | reply

      Ooh boy, need more time, again.

    15. kel1 ages ago | reply

      what a bummer. sounds like you were writing some fun stuff!! have you heard back from good ol' mr. jobs yet? glad to hear it's still functioning tho.

    16. Ascauri ages ago | reply

      wow.. i hope my mac is fire-proof too (even though i don't plan putting it on fire, but i guess neither did you, huh?)

    17. I'm Flickring ages ago | reply

      You can have a bite of my apple, Elinesca...

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