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Aggregation Presentation: My So Called Glu'd Life | by Looking For Fish Tacos At ELI 2006
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Aggregation Presentation: My So Called Glu'd Life

The old song RipMixLearn still sounds good, but we can now be thinking along with that about how tcontene built from content elsewhere (aggregation via RSS feeds) is viewed. There are different needs and reasons for going Inward or Outward in your aggregating.


Key questions:


* What are some ways of collecting the small pieces into useful packages?

* What are the key considerations in aggregation and representation?

* How do the current available tools stack up?

* What are advantages/pitfalls of relying on this site versus hosting it iin your own web site?


Sniff Some Glu

* Content related to this presentation

* Alan's Glu

* Brian's Glu

* Jay's (Cross) Eclectic Interests


Glu It Yourself

Stephen Downes prefers not relying on the Suprglu site, so he rolled (and shares) his own code to create MyGlu,a similar service you can integrate into your own site.



Blog posts:


* CogDogBlog: Inward / Outward Aggregating (RipMix Fever) And That Fresh Smell of Ajax and RSS Mixers

* Abject Learning: Small pieces more loosely joined... musings from the fog


Some tools


* SuprGlu

* MyGlu

* Tagging as Authoring Demo

* Netvibes

* Google Personal Home

* Spliced feeds republished via javascript. Example - the Textologies resource page



See more examples and resources in the glu tag stream.


Image Credits: Mock-up of SciFi book cover created by Alan Levine, derived from Creative Commons licensed flickr image by Chuck and Vicki Rogers




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Taken on January 24, 2006