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the eye of Nanya

A very long exposure, faintly lit by the lamps from fishing boats.


Technical note: This was around 7pm, over an hour after sunset, the time when fishermen left the wharf for their night catch. Fishing boats seem to be ubiquitous along the coast. While this is rather unfortunate for photographers as they spoil our otherwise natural setting, in all fairness those boats do make for some unusual lighting so that if we are in luck, we might get some memorable image in return.


Here is one of those circumstances. Two boats were stationary in the distance. I thought it would make an interesting composition. As usual it was too dim to meter, at least dimmer than EV=-2, the lower limit on my incident light meter. I had to make a guess and added two stops to the limit, plus another 1.5 stop to take care of reciprocity. For fear that the boats moved, I opted for f/5.6 and exposed it for only 24 min. Fortunately the result isn't too far off from what I'd hoped for.


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Taken on April 15, 2008