Autopsy report of Citizen Mohamed Abdel Qader, who died of torture on the hands of State Security Captain Ashraf Hussein Safwat, in Hadaek el-Qobba
Prosecute Hadayek el-Qobba torturer

The Egyptian Movement for Change, Kefaya, is demanding the prosecution of a State Security Captain involved in the torture and killing of citizen Mohamed Abdel Qader in custody four years ago.

On 16 September 2003, State Security Captain Ashraf Mustafa Hussein Safwat summoned two brothers Mohamed Abdel Kader el-Sayyed, 31, and his 27-year-old brother Sameh for interrogation in Hadayek el-Qobba Police Station, based on an illegal detention order. After a five-day torture odyssey on the hands of Captain Ashraf, citizen Mohamed died, while his brother Sameh has remained in detention since then.
The family of the victim refused to receive his body, and sought legal help from Association for Human Rights Legal Aid (AHRLA), whose lawyers notified the Prosecutor of the incident. The Forensic Medical Authorities, after examining Mohamed's body, stated in its report, obtained by Kefaya that "there were red bruises, and a blood clot in the lower lip, left nipple, right wrist, right arm, the chest, the left arm, the left thigh and leg… and in the head, abdomen, resulting from colliding with a hard object. These injuries are recent, and coincide with the time of death."
The report also added there were "burns and effects resulting from heat" in the detainee's breasts and genitals, clearly caused by electric shocks received by the detainee hours before his passing away.
While working on the case, the AHRLA lawyers faced great difficulties that included denying them access to the complete file of the case—in violation of criminal law. The Interior Ministry refused to comply with the prosecutor's orders to arrest and summon the accused officer, Ashraf Hussein. Finally on 4 November 2006, the victim's family surprised the lawyers by dropping the case in court and cancelling their power of attorney, after they were blackmailed by the security: We will release your living son, if you give up the rights of the deceased one, the police told the family.
The executioner is about to escape justice once more, so that he can torture and kill more Egyptian citizens inside the morgues and torture chambers of State Security Police. It is further evidence to how Mubarak's regime nourishes torture systematically, and covers up for the criminals engaged in it.
The torture victim, citizen Mohamed Abdel Qader had rights. His three daughters also have rights. Their last chance of achieving justice could be on the 3rd of February, where the Hadayek el-Qobba Prosecution Office for Family Affairs (in charge of financial custody over Mohamed's minor daughters) will reopen the investigation into the case once again.
Kefaya obtained previously unpublished copies of the Forensic Medical Authorities autopsy report that prove citizen Mohamed Abdel Qader died because of the torture he received on the hands of State Security Captain Ashraf Mustafa Hussein Safwat. As we publish them today, we call on all civil society organizations to extend their solidarity to the victim's family, and show up on 3 February, 2007 in court.
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