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Kettle Dyeing

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My first attempt at dyeing yarn. I used the Kettle-Dye (following different dyeing tutorials) method and just dumped in colours randomly. I used food colourings and play around with vinegar. And boy, it does smell!

Anyhow, the yarns are hanging out to dry...the colours are just a mumble-jumble, but it's my first try. Next time I'll try hand-painting properly.

This time I used four colours. I mixed up purple (blue and red), green, orange (red and yellow) and just a deep red (dropping a tiny bit of blue and green in the red). Of course, the yarn takes the purple differently and turns pretty much light blue when washed. Oh well, I'm learning anyway.

I also did two hanks at once in the same pot and dumped most of the green on one hank, while the other gets most of the purple. So, the resulting hanks are very different.

  1. Mevrouw Walvis 93 months ago | reply

    Lots of fun, isn't it?

  2. elemmaciltur 93 months ago | reply

    @Mevrouw Walvis: yeah....I guess. I think I was more curious about how dyeing works though...so I wasn't really thinking about the fun factor.

  3. Mevrouw Walvis 93 months ago | reply

    Ah, you took the scientific point of view:) I just like to plan how the colours work together, the technical side of it doesn't excite me that much.

  4. elemmaciltur 93 months ago | reply

    @Mevrouw Walvis: Well, it was my first time, so I had to concentrated on the process. The next time I'll be more confident and can think more about the artistic side of things. ;-)

  5. Mevrouw Walvis 93 months ago | reply

    Let the fun begin! BTW, Eunny Jang has a great tutorial on how to dye self-striping yarn, have you seen it?

  6. elemmaciltur 93 months ago | reply

    @Mevrouw Walvis: Read that already. But that's too much of a calculation...and I feel that it takes out the fun factor.

  7. esoteric knitter [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    VEry cool! Can't wait to see the results.

  8. elemmaciltur 93 months ago | reply

    @esoteric knitter: Seems you found them already. ;-)

  9. >WonderMike< 93 months ago | reply

    Victor, are you using the GOOD Le Creuset cookware for your dyeing???

  10. elemmaciltur 93 months ago | reply

    @mikewade: no, no...I don't even know Le Creuset. It's some German brand pot a friend gave to me.

  11. caruba 89 months ago | reply

    So THAT is how it works...interesting!

  12. elemmaciltur 89 months ago | reply

    : Yup, you should try it out.

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