Hand-spun: Midnight Lilac

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    My first hand spun and plied!!! Yay!

    I plied and washed this last night. Plying wasn't as bad as I thought....I thought I would end up with a tangled mess, but everything turned out well. I'm really loving this. Not sure what I'll make with this yet.

    Started: 27th August 2007
    Finished: 01st September 2007
    - Rovings from Wolle Roedel "Filzwolle", 50 g in colour blue-lilac
    - 2-ply
    - 51.75 m (approx. 56.25 yrds)
    - 8-10 WPI

    1. Yarnissima 91 months ago | reply

      that looks gorgeous!!!!!
      great job.

    2. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @Yarnissima: Thanks!!! I'm feeling very smugged about this right now, since it's my first hand-spun and it turned out so good. :-)

    3. KarenP 91 months ago | reply

      That is very pretty! What will you knit with it?

    4. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @KarenP: Thank you! I have no idea what I'll do with it yet. Any suggestion? It's only 50 metres long....and I can probably knit it with 4-5 cm needles.

    5. sew-mad 91 months ago | reply

      sieht verdammt gut aus - überhaupt nicht nach erstem versuch.

      vielleicht gibt das einen neckwarmer?
      kommt natürlich drauf an, ob das garn vielleicht ein bißchen kratzt oder nicht.

    6. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @sew-mad: Danke! Ja, ich bin selber sehr überrascht, dass dies das Ergebnis vom ersten Versuch ist.

      Das Garn kratzt schon ein bisschen....also für einen Neckwarmer wäre es ungeeignet...außerdem trage ich keinen Neckwarmer. :-p

    7. have you any wool? 91 months ago | reply

      Nice job! I love the colors, and your plying looks really even. I'm not sure what you could do with it, though, since it's only 50 meters. Maybe make yourself a shadow box with your first handspun skein inside?

    8. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @have you any wool?: You know, I'm seriously thinking about doing that. :-p Thanks for the compliment!

    9. kathrynivy.com 91 months ago | reply

      Wait a second... This is your first handspun?!!? You've got serious skills!

    10. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @kathrynivy.com: Yup, it's my first complete hand-spun and plied yarn. ;-) Thanks for the compliment!

    11. ladybean73 91 months ago | reply

      This is pretty yarn!! You did great for a first plying; way better than mine. Maybe save it as a first-time momento?

    12. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @ladybean73: Thanks. Yeah, I'm thinking about just put it in a box and frame it as a work of art. :-p

    13. adamknits 91 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's quite a natural talent there! I think you should definitely frame it :)

    14. elemmaciltur 91 months ago | reply

      @adaknits: Thanks! Hehehe, yeah, framing it seems to be on the top of the list at the moment.

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