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Bridge - towards Calton Hill

You wouldn't know it from looking at it but this was taken on the same day as my two previous HDR pictures of this bridge (you can see them here and here). I used a bit of a lighter touch with the post processing on this picture and it looks a little lighter because the p.o.v. is towards a more open space.


Another difference with this over the previous two I posted is that I haven't blurred the bits that are outside of the bridge - I tried it with this one and it just didn't really work and I don't think it added anything to the picture. Doing all that blurring work is fiddly as heck by the way - if you miss the tiniest bit it stands out a mile! I'm sure there's probably an easy way of doing all that blurring but if there is I haven't found it yet.


Taking this series I sometimes had to wait for people to move out of the way so I could get some clear shots however my real nemesis was a stubborn pigeon that simply refused to get out of the way. Every time I moved towards it the pigeon just moved further up the bridge and it took me two or three attempts before it could be persuaded to budge off the bridge altogether. I must have looked like a bit of an idiot stomping up and down trying to get this one bird to move out of the way!

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Taken on May 13, 2007