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Sketch of Ingresure by Jongwoo Choi - Electrolux Design Lab 2012 semi-finalist

Country: United Kingdom/South Korea

Designer: Jongwoo Choi


School: Central Saint Martins


Professional chefs have an intuition for flavour that takes years to perfect. For the rest of us following a recipe is usually the safest way to get a dish right but the true test is always in the tasting. So, let Ingressure taste for you. Ingresure will accurately measure the ingredients of your soup, sauce or stew and let you know how much salt, pepper or spice you need to cook like a pro. Ingressure uses advanced sensors to tell you what you need and comes with multiple attachments to suit the meal you're making. Save your tongue from scalding hot soups and let Ingressure tell you exactly what you need to cook like a 5 star chef.


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Taken on July 16, 2012