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For most residential installations we strongly recommend cellular roof blinds.

They are lightweight, designed for purpose, can be fitted either horizontally or on a slope, and can be supplied either rectangular or in a variety of shapes (which is helpful as roof-lights aren't always square).

The blind itself is very discrete - particularly compared to a sloping/horizontal roller blind which is a heavier and far more cumbersome piece of engineering.

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Fabrics can be blackout or transparent. We promote our ranges of honeycomb/cellular fabric which offer superb heat insulation, glare diffusion and a seamless appearance (with the wires traveling through the centre of the fabric).

Transparent cellular fabrics deliver superb shade, privacy and shielding from UV.
Fabrics of this type are available in blackout or transparent to deliver excellent light and glare diffusion.

Blackout cellular blinds deliver superb light exclusion as the blind naturally sits tight to the window recess, so there is minimal light seepage. We also fit side channels for installations which are particularly light sensitive.

Additionally, both offer excellent protection from solar gain (heat) and also heat loss in cold winter months.

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Cellular blind systems are lightweight, discreet and fit tight into a recess. Roof blinds are generally motorised, with a small low voltage motors housed out of sight in the head-rail and the wiring is both discrete and easy to implement. They are controlled by wireless radio remotes.

All are suspended and tensioned on wires. These remain in place permanently, but although the wires are visible, ours are light grey in colour which is virtually unseen against the glass.

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Cellular roof blinds can be manufactured up to 1800mm wide and 4000mm long as standard. Wider/ longer blinds may be possible subject to fabric choice and sight of installation.

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Motors are low voltage - 24v.

Integration into client's HA system is possible wirelessly via a RTS Dry Contact Transmitter.