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A collection of roller blinds fitted to garden facing doors. Our screen fabrics are ideal for these types of installations as the are incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Wide roller blinds need extra-wide fabrics. We've a great range of specialist fabrics in wider widths that hang superbly without rippling, stretching or sagging. And they're designed to deliver great protection from UV, diffuse glare and are available in a range of transparencies and colour-ways to suit.

Mermet screen fabrics are available up to 3.1m wide and we've a core range of competitively priced Screen and Blackout fabrics available up to 3m wide.

Where ever possible, we avoid joining fabrics.

Our widest fabrics are around 3 metres wide - which is much wider than normal (2m), but not always wide enough..!

But by turning the fabric 90 degrees (it's known as rail-roading) we can produce a blind up to 5 metres wide and 3 metres long - without a visible join.

We generally leave around 40cm of fabric on the barrel of the blind for stability. So, blinds wider than 3.1 metres wide (and longer than 2.6 metres) will have their fabric rail-roaded with a single horizontal join - normally towards the top of the blind (the distance is roughly the same as the fabric width) where it's generally less on view.

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Our Multi-Blind system enables a series of smaller roller blinds to be powered in unison by a single motor. Up to 7 blinds can be controlled in tandem.

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